Trail shoe advice


I'm looking at getting a pair of trail shoes for parkrunning and i've also got a stoney off road 6 hour race later in the year and was wondering if anyone could help.

I'm an overpronator and about 16st (at the moment) so they need some stability and be able to cope with my larger frame, also a wide fitting shoe would be nice as my size 12 flippers are quite wide. I would also like some toe protection and good grips. i haven't exactly got a budget for these but i don't want to go too expensive as they won't be getting as much use as my roadies.

I will more than likely pop to my local runnning shop but if anyone could stear me in the right direction with their experience of trail shoes i'm less likely to end up with something that won't suit my needs.



  • i wouldnt get any form of pronation control, the uneven ground would negate any control the shoe was giving anyway, and maybe even force it too far, i always think offroad shoes should be neutral. 

    that said, i'm a huge fan of salomon for a more "built up" trail shoe, they are very well cushioned, the toe bumpers are very tough, they are built like tanks too. This one looks good for your needs, 

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