Because of the cold??

So went out this morning for a long run, and obviously it was pretty darn cold! About an hour into it I started to get slight pains in my sides (both sides, but not always at same time). They had felt a bit sore from the start, but thought it was just me getting into the run as had had a drink of water only 30 mins before (I usually wait an hour or so) Almost stitch like, but not quite. Thought maybe it was due to breathing in the cold air? I didn't need to adjust my pace and just focused on my breathing, and after a few miles it seemed a bit better. So is this because of the cold!? Any tips!? Thanks!


  • Didn't know drinking water can give you a stitch! I usually have a few sips, maybe even a glass of water just a few minutes before I start any kind of exercise and don't usually suffer from stitches.

    If you're worried about the cold air on your internal organs it might be worth investing in a thin lightweight scarf, snood or even something like a surgical mask to wear over your mouth and nose whilst running. I've not tried it when running but use a scarf when cycling especially in winter, to warm the air up a bit. Hasn't caused me too much problem with breathing in.

  • i don't think there's any definitive agreement on what causes a stitch, or how to prevent it. It can happen to newbies or elites, regardless of the shape you're in, or the running conditions. If you think it might be due to the cold try Kamal's suggestion. Could it also be that you were running a little too fast? Could be lactic build up you were feeling perhaps? Maybe not, but I find i run a little faster in the cold, not sure why, perhaps subconsciously to keep warm.

  • Thanks for the advice. AgentGinger - probably not running too fast - was forcing myself to go slowly as usually do my long runs a bit too quick! It was an odd pain, not really stitch like, but just down my sides, but higher up than I would normally associate with a stitch. 

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