oh my obelisk

Just done the OMO today - and came back to the car to find a parking ticket on my car in the pay and display car park along the road from the leisure centre .

The parking at the leisure centre was full so we didn't have much choice- although the sign did say it was free on Sundays

Be warned if you do this event next year - be careful where you park as you may end up with a ticket - an expensive day out 

We were not the only ones - many other cars were also ticketed 

Won't be returning next year  



  • if the sign says free on sundays and you were parking in the space correctly.....why didn't you take a photo of both and send that off with the parking ticket..

  • Exactly. Contest the ticket. Sounds like they haven't a leg to stand on.

    Why wouldn't you enter the race - it wasn't their fault ?
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Take a picture of the sign that says its free on Sundays. Send that in when you contest your ticket. If you are correct that it's free on Sundays then you have nothing to worry about.
  • Also is it a council owned car park or a private one? they cant enforce parking tickets on private ones

  • I certainly wouldn't just pay up if it's supposed to be free on Sundays!  Contest it!

  • Dartmoor runner hope this helps the sign in the car park reads from top to bottom

    Teignbridge district council southdevon .public information. Parking on sundays is free of charge in this car park until 31st march 2013.


  • So providing you were in a designated parking space.no problem...........

    loads of people got parking tickets at snowdonia marathon as they arrived too late and instead of using the carparks parked on the roadside.................the whole row of about 50 cars got one........

  • JeremyGJeremyG ✭✭✭
    Me too and will be appealing. I guess like me you may have used the coach space? A large no of spaces were unavailable being fenced off or occupied by recycling bins. I initially thought if it is free why is anyone checking? Then I recalled that when I parked a council van was parked by the loos. Did they warn anyone? Did they hell, just waited - race start 10:30, ticket issued 10:40.

    Please appeal to the address on the ticket emphasising you won't return.it was obvious an event was on and a little common sense should be used. Dawlish Coasters say they have never had a problem before. So appeal! One of the points I am making in my letter is that things like this cause bad publicity and discourage people coming to the area. A cynical and small minded attempt to gouge people for cash.
  • You parked in a restricted area and you subsequently got fined. Take your medicine.

  • He might have been driving a coach ?
  • Fair point. If you parked a coach in the coach space then appeal otherwise just make a confession on Ophra and you will feel better.

  • if you didn't park in the correct place then tough.........get there earlier next time.........

  • It does make you wonder why the parking patrol was there at all if parking is free on Sundays - it was at nearby Dawlish Warren car parks too - so sounds as if whole area is free - so why the patrol?

    Sounds as if they were ambushing runners as they knew event was on.....

  • maybe as residents had complained about people parking where they shouldn't and so the council responded by sending out a team to monitor the situation

  • JeremyGJeremyG ✭✭✭
    There are no houses near the car park.....
  • But if people were parking in the coach spaces, which one assumes the coaches have to pay for, and also that the coaches aren't allowed to park in car spaces, you were breaking the T's & C's of the car park...


  • As Jeremy says - no housing nearby - also the likelihood of any coaches appearing at 10.30 on a cold January morning in Dawlish...........!!

    It is the injustice of them doing this purposefully - bet they won't be there next Sunday...

  • And that negates all T's & C's ?

  • I didn't blame the race organisers....... It's others complaining cos they didn't bother to read the car park T's&C's.

    I'm racing on Sunday and the organisers have made the car parking arrangements very clear... But I bet there are still some who park in tesco's and then moan like mad...

    I blame Tony Blair

  • JeremyGJeremyG ✭✭✭
    KK might be worth checking with the council. Depending on how many people you expect there won't be enough "normal" spaces if they still have areas fenced off.

    But yes it's nothing against the race, it's a great race and dawlish coasters are lovely!
  • Torquayrunner wrote (see)

    As Jeremy says - no housing nearby - also the likelihood of any coaches appearing at 10.30 on a cold January morning in Dawlish...........!!

    It is the injustice of them doing this purposefully - bet they won't be there next Sunday...

    After a bit of digging it sounds like two coaches had to park in the road on the yellow lines after dropping there passengers  in town probably not helping the situation!!

    kk & jeramyG

    Thanks for the kind words about our little club.


    Are you aware that you cant run your normal route due to road & building works.

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