Beurer PM45

Hello, I do apologise if this question sounds dumb, but I have tried finding the answer all over the internet.

I just wondered, if I were too buy a Beurer PM45 would the chest strap be able to connect to my Iphone, so that I can use alongside Mapmyrun.... or Strava?

Id quite like the watch part of it for certain runs, or exercise, but for some I would like to see the heartrate stats all worked into my runs on Mapmyrun.



  • unless the chest strap has some specific link to an iPhone app - probably using bluetooth - then no.

    I don't know the Beurer product but looking at details online it's a fairly basic HRM so I doubt it would have any capability of doing what you want  

  • Thanks fat buddha.

    When looking at these monitors I always see either analogue or digital transmission. Is this anything to do with blue tooth?

    I dont suppose you know of any chest straps that will connect to both a watch and iphone?

  • analogue or digital refers to the communication between the monitor on your chest and the wrist unit.  digital is better as it locks your monitor to your wrist unit so prevents "crosstalk" with other users close by e.g in a race

    check out some of the iPhone connected HRMs here - - but they don't have wrist units and just use the phone to record data.

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Don't forget you need the Wahoo ANT+ dongle in additon to those straps to make it communicate with your iPhone.

    If you went for a Garmin then you could use the watch and then see the stats in the Garmin Connect web software (and I'm pretty sure you can import them into MapMyRun, Strave etc).  

    The FR70 is the current non-GPS model, but a quick google for its predecessor the FR60 found it for around the £50 point from Handtec. 

  • Ah.... the Wahoo dongle has confused matters even more!

    stutyr, are you saying I would need only the Garmin FR60 or 70 to rsee my HR with the watch and then to import too Mapmyrun/strava/ whichever on my my iphone? Or do i need that wahoo dongle?

    Thanks both image

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

      The Garmin heart rate strap (and most other major brands) use ant+ as the communciation method between their heart rate straps and the watch.  With Garmin you also get an ANT+ USB dongle that you put into your PC.  When the watch is within a few feet of the PC with the USB dongle attached, it wirelessly tramsmits your saved data into the PC and uploads it to the Garmin Connect website.  You can then import this data into MapMyRun and Strava etc.

    The wahoo dongle gives you an ANT+ connection on your phone, and I'm pretty sure this allows you to upload the data to your phone rather than a PC.  The data is still stored on the watch until you upload it (as the watch is the recording device, whilst the chest strap is the sensor).  As with all this type stuff, the best source of information is the DCRAINMAKER website - as he goes into great detail about how it all works.

    The Garmin forerunner range of watches dominate the running market, so all the other websites etc tend to be able to work with Garmin data.  I've never heard of the Beurer brand before.


  • Beurer is a big brand in Germany and the rest of Europe.  Fairly new to the UK.  There is a new product due for release called the Beurer Runtastic which integrates the chest strap + GPS + running community with your iphone and most other smartphones.  Should be in Argos from this weekend! 

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