Isca Duathlon, Newport, Gwent.


  • what a coincidence..i was just looking at this race seconds agoimage

  • Any idea what the distances are? Can't find them anywhere.
  • Took me a while to find them the other day, think it's 4.2km 16km 4.2km.

  • thats it Pingu

    .i found it hard to find the distances as well.....16.35 on the bike  just seemed a little short for my needs at the moment........not enough bike compared to running as the run is apparantley hilly

  • If you've ever done this event before, the course distance is actually the same as previous years - the distances have been certified this year however.
  • Lodge Hill - that's where I grew up, before moving to College Glade.  Both hills are good for one thing: sledging!

  • image . It's a great route and a well established event. Hope you'll give it a go... for Duathlon that is, as well as sledging!

  • NEWT club championship race so hopefully a lot of them will be racing. That run is a killer the second time around. I like the idea of sledging!

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