What's the best area of London to stay in for VLM?

Hi I've got a place in the VLM 2013 for the 1st time and I'm looking to book a hotel for Fri-Sun I know I'm leaving it a bit late. Normally I like to stay around Euston or Kings Cross as it saves dragging suitcases across London. But I'm happy to make an exception this time for an extra 30 mins in bed on race day. So where is a good place to stay?


  • Close to the finish line, although I imagine they may be fully booked by now?
  • Like the Fairy says it is much betyter to stay near the finish than the start..... saves that horrible trek back after you finish.....image

  • The finish line is near Westminster right? Think I may stick with the Ibis at Euston it's decent enough Not booked AFAIK
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    If you want to take a risk use lastminute.com. We got a 5 star hotel near Embankment station for half the going rate. It was a bit stressful waiting for the email telling us where to go 5 pm the night before the race. Probably not the best idea but it worked for me
  • Sod that I want to get booked up this week. Far too stressful
  • We have stayed near Tower Gateway for the past 5 years (premier inn), handy fo the excel and the start on Sunday, his has worked well for us

    Good luck for the race
  • Thanks

    Booked the Ibis near Euston station this morning. Tube travel is free on the Sunday so it shouldn't be too bad I hope
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