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  • Booey wrote (see)

    Dumped a bottle of bubbly image dont you have a family member that would like it image

    I agree, i've never heard the like! image

    mind you it was only cheap bubbly image

  • Of course it depends on the price of the race - but the best thing in a goody bag is something to eat - preferrably a biscuit or something else sweet and carby.

    I live and work near Tunnocks - Mr Tunnock sponsors a lot of the local events and it's not uncommon to get a caramel wafer and a cup of tea after the local hospice 10k - Perfect.  It might be worth seeing if there are any food factories nearby - although Mr Tunnock is an exceptionally generous man, most companies might not be the same.


    Part of my job is sponsoring charity events - so for our name on the leaflet and sometimes on the medal ribbon, I will hand over some cash to the organiser.  They can then either buy stuff for the participants or improve the event.  I get a lot of emails and letters about this kind of thing and the ones that stick with me the most tend to be handwritten letters with a picture or something along with it. Anonymous emails get easily binned and letters that look mass produced annoy me something wicked.


    I once got a flower at the end of a half marathon -  I think it was just a carnation but I  liked it. It felt like a nice reward for hard work.


    What NOT to put in goody bags - loads of bloody leaflets.

  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    Mr Tunnock is awesome. A caramel wafer over a bottle of bubbly any day! image

  • I dont like wafer biscuits so I'd swap you! image


    agree on the 'not loads of bloody leaflets' request though!

  • Bottle of beer and a technical tee at last year's Surrey Badger Half - went prepared with a bottle opener in my bag, and after finishing sat in the Autumn sun supping ale and cheering on the runners as they crossed the line. Happy days! image

  • Fascinated that my query set off such a load of comments. Obviously struck a chord. We charged only £6 for our race (only £5 in advance), so cannot believe that anyone was expecting much, certainly not bubbly, cheap or otherwise! Our'plastic' medals were actually quite nicely engraved perpex ovals, unique to our event, not something you'd get in a cracker.

    Next year it'll be £8 with a metal medal (they can have one if they want to pay for it) and a banana.

  • You get a bottle of beer at the Ely New Years Day 10k image

    I've chucked away so many more medals than I kept, I've chucked away naff mugs, unattractive paperweights, given loads of t-shirts to a charity shop (or used them for cleaning my bike).  I've got more shoe bags than I've got shoes.

    I don't need a memento, I can remember the races.   A biscuit would be a lot more welcome image

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    What do people expect for a race that costs a fiver? I bet the people that complained about the goody bag will be the same ones next year that complain you have put the price up.

    Unfortunately there's no pleasing some people.
  • I'd expect to get a run out for 6 quid. Take the criticism on board, apply your own filter and make your own decision. Well done for giving back and organising the thing.

  • I know organising a race is tough & you're never going to please everyone 'cos we're all different! I used to race a lot & after a long layoff I've started again, now I've started to rate every race I run in the Events Forum so that hopefully things that aren't so good, are the next year & also to let organisers know when I've enjoyed the race. It's only fair, I appreciate the time & effort others put in so that we can run, unfortunately some don't & expect the world for their entry money. 

    I think it was a long time ago when I ran a race that cost just £5 too, that's VFM even if you got nothing at the end of it! image

  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭

    To the OP: for £5 I'd be pleased to get a cup of tea - the people who complained have stupidly high expectation!  Our local 5M race (which is fab) charges £4 (although if you enter the entire 9 race series it's only £18 for affiliated runners: £2 a throw!) and there are just spot prizes plus a bottle of wine for top 3 and (I think) age group winners.  It makes for a decent tempo run with company and if I get a bottle of wine out of it, so much the better.

  • Janice, as the last few posts have said, a fiver seems reasonable enough to get a run in a race atmosphere, well done on stepping up to volunteer in organising the event.

    As other posters have said, you'll never please everyone. I think the earlier suggestions re: fruit etc seem sensible.

    Personally,  I think the medal is a nice touch. I've not been to many events, but have seen competitors kids happy to display their mums/ dads medals for them!

    I've only been running for about 18 months and didn't even realise you got goody bags at most events! My first run (can't say race in my case, I'm a plodder) was Ashby 20 last March. Was most suprised, and very pleased, with the great bag I got. Rather nice hoody top, lovely cheese cob and other snacks too. Will be returning this year, not just for bag, but really great event. (And some nice post race recovery pubs in the town too!)


  • I like a medal and a bottle of water.  A chocolate bar is good (I don't like bananas but most runners do so that's a good option too).  Chip timing is a bonus.

    It's nice to get flyers for other local events, but the organisers of those usually put them on cars etc so you wouldn't need to do anything.

    Otherwise I don't need or want anything.

  • now this is what I would love to find in a goody-bag!

    A true 'goody' bag rather than leaflets. I wonder how they get so much gifted from sponsors though?

  • They get a lot of stuff from sponsors, Betty, because Two Oceans is a very big event, with thousands of people taking part in several distances.  

    Lots of exposure for the sponsors.

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