Cant get right size trainers ! 3 pairs of Asics in 1 year


I was wondering if there are any people out there who are having size problems with their trainers. I have been using Asics for many years and last year switched to Kayano 18's. During last year i went through 3 pairs, a couple were replaced by Asics direct. The back of the heal inside is wearing out due to foot movement. Asics gave me new lace up method which helped but still i am wearing them out. Went to sweatshop 2 weeks ago and they advised I am running a half size too big (even after they fitted me this size in Jan last year), so took me down a half size to 8.5 on the new Kayano 19's, now my right foot is hitting the end after I am warmed up. Went back after a couple of runs and they tried various sizes and we ended up with Adidas Salvation 2 size 9.5. I got the feeling they are trying to clear last years stock and all the new 2013 running shoes are coming in the next few weeks. My problem is I have 3 half's coming in 4/7/10 weeks so need to get this sorted now. Any suggestions ?


  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    What Asics model were you wearing before the Kayanos?  

    It sounds like the Kayanos are too wide at the heel for you, so probably aren't the best shoe for you (regardless of size).  The Adidas Salvation fall into the same category of shoe as the Kayano (i.e. lots of pronation support), so the shop seem to have considered your running style.

    Why not try the Salvations?   

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Why don't you try tightening your shoes up. The shoes shouldn't be so loose that your feet can move about in them.


  • Hi, thanks for responding. I dont remember exactly, it was a Gel and I ran those trainers many miles without any issues. Its all started moving to Kayano's, even after Sweatshop used their treadmil/camera & fitting service.

    Am going to give the Salvations a go today. Just felt that January is not the best time of year to get traininer as all the new ranges seem to be coming in over late Jan/Feb once they have cleared all the 2012 stock. So maybe I am just getting offered what is left and I should go back in March when there is the best choice to find one that fits ?

  • yes I have tightened the shoes right up using the method suggested by Asics directly. I think fundamently the shoes are not the right size/fit so I am having to really over tigheten them and even that is not stopping my foot from moving. I have been wearing a thicker sock also.

    Will give the salvations a bash shortly. Maybe they will do what they say !

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    I'm not sure lacing would resolve this as I suspect the Kayanos have a rigid heel cup, so regardless of how tight the laces are the heel cup will remain the same size.  Only way to fix it would be to add some padding around that part of the shoe.

  • I have had same problem with my Kayano 18s - have two pairs because they are so comfortable and suit me but heel fabric has worn away on both. They fit fine I am sure - no rubbing, blisters, pain etc so it must be poor shoe fabric quality.  I have replaced other trainers at 400 miles due to sole wear but heel fabric still intact - and have worn them since for dog walking and still fine - so it must be Kayanos.  Am going for some other design next time as I don't pay all that for the fabric to disintegrate.....

  • Exactly, lacing does not sort the issue, even after sending a pair back to Asics for them to inspect they suggested and new lacing method, which helped but still same problems just a little later. Yes I would say there is an issue Kayanos 18, have googled it an we are not alone.

    Gave the Salvations a 6 mile bash today and they fit better but are much harder, so will have to give them a longer run later this week and see whats what.

    I suppose I have to wait for 2013 shoes to come in late Jan/Feb as sweatshop seems to have very few shoes my size (9) so I ended up with Salvations. All they seem to have was clearance lines in odd sizes. Bad timing on my side i suppose. thanks all

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