Getting The Right Shoes

I get quite a lot of trouble with calf strains, even though I warm up thoroughly , and wonder if I have the right shoes. I have previously had my feet analysed, once on a pressure pad and once using video . The first advice I got was to use Motion Control shoes and the second time I was advised to go for Support shoes. I am 15 stone and have run marathons some years ago, but the calf strains are stopping me getting my miles up. My feet pronate, but I wouldn't say severly, so I have used Support shoes. Has anyone else suffered with repeated calf strains due to the wrong type of shoe and if so how did you sort the problem ? It's getting me down now as I just want to be able to run 


  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Have you seen a sports physio?  Only time I've seen calf strains mentioned in relation to shoes is when people have gone down the minimalist route (i.e. no heel-to-toe difference) - the only time I suffered it was after buying shoes with amuch lower heel-to-toe drop and trying them out for the first time on a hill rep session!

    It sounds like it could be some other bio-mechanical shortcoming, e.g. tight hamstrings or weak glutes. But you need to get a qualified person to physically assess you to help identify the cause.  

  • OK, Thanks for the advice stutyr. I'll look into it

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