Knee Pain

I have bought some new Mizuno trainers and I'm sure since I have been running with them they are causing me pain by my knee caps.  I ran 10 miles yesterday in training for the marathon and today I am really hurting... what shall i do?  I did buy them from the sweat shop and was measured using the simulator machine but I couldn't see the difference to what shoe had the innersole in so didn't buy them.


  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Personally, I'd take them back.  I went thorugh this a few years ago where I got a pair of shoes from a local specialist that gave me horrible knee pain.  The pain only disappeared when I went back to my old trainers.  Unfortunately, the shop didn't have a return policy as good as sweat shops.

    Although the machines etc help, they can't fully simulate the real world of running multiple miles on the pavement, so they still get it wrong some times.

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