A new take on why not to wear headphones in races

"Personal stereos and headphones are not allowed during the race.  If we lose you because you couldn’t hear a marshal we may never find you."

Can't argue with that for a reason not to wear them in a race. Or can you...?image


  • The new forest is vast, i should know living in this part of the world.   If you do go off track then there is a real danger of not being found.  The rules are there for your safety.   

  • Cheshercat - I'm quite happy to stick to the rules - never race with music anyway. I was just wondering if any of the die-hard "I MUST wear my ipod in the race or I can't run" camp would find an argument to get around it!

  • Great fresh idea for a thread Black and Tabby.

    Perhaps a thread about dogs would bea  good follow up

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Perhaps it's OK to run wearing headphones if you've also got a dog with you.  Dogs have a keen sense of smell and should be able to lead you safely to the finish.  I recommend a labrador.

  • Well I thought being told not to wear them because you might get lost for ever was something new. Apologies.

    Maybe a thread about how off-putting it is to be slapped down for merely posting something I found amusing?

  • if your ipod falls in the forest...will it make a sound?

  • I think they automatically stop playing when the headphones are unplugged image


  • iPods with GPS should be allowed.

    Or is that "aloud"?

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