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Hi all,I've got my first half marathon in March and have been wondering if it's possible to change your style,front foot or heal strike,when running tired it seems i plant my heal alot but then later have heavy legs/sore hips.Is this just because I'm not that good a runner or can you train to have a better more efficent style.Hoping to continue running this year,got fed up swimming with arms and legs in my face in Tri's.

Any advise would be great Thanks


  • Hi Tall, I changed my style from heal strike too forefoot but its a slow transition it took me the best part of a year but it was the best thing I have done in terms of my running! Just take your time and read alot! Read alot about footwear as well!

    Efficiency is the key, learn to tidy up your technique and you will be running further and faster with less injury image

    If you want to chat to some more of us that could help out then come and join us here... Starting again from the beginning

    More than anything else have fun and remember to smile! image

  • I'd agree with B2B Tall, also add 'look at Youtube videos a lot' to B2B's advice, look at Forefoot running, Pose running & Chi running videos, plenty on there & some good tips!

    I thought I could change quickly & it doesn't happen fast, when I'm fatigued I still suddenly realise I'm leaning back & heel planting, but, I'm running faster than I was & without the aches in ankle & hip joints afterwards.

  • Thanks for your advise,i'm going to read up and watch the videos.

  • Glad to help! Remember if you want to chat with some more people just click the link I added! image

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