Getting back after injury to ankle/lower leg

Hi guys. I had a bit of a frustrating injury last week and would appreciate some advice on returning to training.

I stepped on a black bin bag (it was dark!) when running and landed a bit off balance with my right ankle slightly outwards. The landing was awkward but I felt absolutely no discomfort so carried on. I did consider stopping but was at the furthest possible point away from home in the run. The next morning it started to feel tender up the outside of my lower leg. I did RICE. Through Dr Google I've figured out the site of the pain was around the peroneal muscle area. I've now had almost a week off running and have been walking freely in the past two or three days. 

Do you have any advice on returning to my marathon training programme? Some very short runs to gauge it perhaps? Should I be doing any stretch band, standing on one leg etc strengthening? Thanks.


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