bupa great runs goin cheap on us!

Just heard that the big bupa great run series will be dishing out the same design medals for all races in 2013 just as they did last year.not too impressed by this as did 3 great runs last year and all 3 had the same medal design.think this is such a cheap option for the series especially as the races certainly aint cheap.previous yeats each race race was unique and had local landmarks making these medals stand out and unique.i can understand rpf half and other races keeping same design each year as unique to that race and look awesome but for a series of runs two years in a row is a big time cop out and pretty annoyed and dissapointed iv already signed up to gsr and gnr this year.


  • Why are you coming back again then if they did the same medal for all 3 last year ?

    If you dont like it - do another race  - but medal designs shouldnt be the reason for doing a race ?

  • Each previous year the medals were different to each other and unique to the city so when i signed up in early 2012 for the 3 i didnt expect to be getti. the same for each.obviously stupidly signed up presuming itd be a one off and theyd be unique in 2013 but clearly not.certainly didnt think they wouldnt even design a new design for 2013.everyone runs for a different reason.all reasons are better then not running.think i got a fair point.have no probs picking up same medal year in year out for my local cheapy run but seems theyr taking the pee
  • You could argue that they take the pee anyway. How much is it to do any of their events ?   Enjoy the races and try not to focus on the medals. 

  • ??40+ im a big medal fan and think theyv just pulled a fast one.if they wrrent such big iconic races it wouldnt bother me.at that price everything should be top notch not recycling medals
  • Thinks there is one born every minute

    Oh and as for iconic, How can the Manchester Great Run be called iconic, The first one was 2003 when everyone started together (well all the men and all the women), Since then it has been waves of starts so even more mugs could be fleeced..

  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    Doing races JUST for the medal seems strange to me.  You could probably buy them on eBay for less than the entry cost.

  • Gringo, are you seriously telling me you pay £40 or so for a race, flog yourself around for 10-13.1miles, just for a cheap medal!?

    If the medal is the main concern get to some other varied events, that are cheaper and shorter.

    Goodness sake.

  • Great Run Mug ?



  • I'm sure there is a best medal thread on here somewhere ? 

    (I'm looking at you Muttley !)

    Might be worth checking that out if you really really like medals. 

  • I've got a shoe box full under the bed somewhere if he wants to make me an offer

  • Like the mug!yeah i do 30-40 races a year from cornwall to scotland doing runs that do medals as thats what i collect and is my prize for slogging my guts out.fulls,halfs and 10ks.juat each medals a nice memento of where iv travellrd.the ones i enjoy the most i do again.dont think i got any support on here!lol
  • greasygringo wrote (see)
    .dont think i got any support on here!lol

    I'm sure you are high up on Brendan's Christmas card list

  • Medals are great when you start out, just like getting programmes at footy games.

    However, there comes a time when you have a sackload, and then you start to wonder what to do with them.

  • I still have no where really for them af the mo theyr on a tie rack hanging in the lounge.40 so far.60 to go!
  • I'll post you a box full if you want
  • Cheers dave.ill give it a miss but thanks!
  • Stevie G . wrote (see)

    However, there comes a time when you have a sackload, and then you start to wonder what to do with them.

    Wear them all at once in the style of Mr T would be the obvious answer.

    But seriously though I dont see the point.  Rather have something more practical.  One of my favourite local 10k's, the Birchwood 10k rewards you would a lush towel at the end.  They have saved me from buying towels for years now.

  • i used to like medals, and will always prefer them over some lousy cotton t shirt, although they can be handy for the immediate after race cool down.

    I prefer momentos now. Something that has the race and date on it, and is a little different. A 5miler I did last year for instance had a Golden boot with the details inscribed on. Bit more interesting and stands out amongst sacks of identikit medals.

  • Medals go in the bin. As would any entry form charging £40 for a race! Agree with Stevie - momentoes are good. I like doing the Nick Beer 10k in Feb to get their mug, then Salford 10k on Good Friday to get a coaster to put it on!

    The point of the Great Run series is to get loads of people to raise loads of money for charity. As long as they're doing that and selling out races (which they are) they're not going to worry if one person thinks they're extracting the urine with cutting costs on medals.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Why not invest the money you would spend on 3 entries for the "great run series" , not sure exactly how much they cost but must be around forty quid each.

    Invest that 120 in approx 7 or 8 local races and you then get over twice as many medals, all different and more races.
  • Ooh, a bath towel. I'll be doing the Birchwood 10k this year image
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