Ironbridge Half Marathon

Hello, this will be my first half marathon. Does anyone know where I can find out what the route is? Have seen a couple of maps but they were too small to see the actual road names. Thanks


  • Hello Rachel

    I only have access to small maps too but I have managed to work out most of the route accurately apart from which exact path it takes though Telford Park. I could email you full details about the route and the terrain if you like as I have cycled round the route recently.

    It is also my first Half Marathon. Cheers R

  • I am thinking of entering this, whats it like have u worked it out from the route that u have cycled?

  • Hi, it's featured this month at the back of runners first for this one too, the hill isn't too bad, just long ish but not terribly steep.

  • This is the 3rd year I will have run this, I have done loads of half maras and this remains one of the toughest !

    It's very rewarding and "that hill" is that bad but don't let one part ruin the rest.

    You will love it, trust me !
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