Watford Half-Marathon

Having looked at the website, it shows men and women start at different places? Is that a normal thing? Iv done numerous 10k runs and a couple of halfs and never seen this before. I was usually run with my girlfriend, will I not be able to do that here?


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    Have you ever seen the start of the Watford Half?

    Its a massive number of people. So separate starts, though the women start with the veteran men.

    As for running with your girlfriend, no problem. The starts are only a few yards apart, so you'll be able to keep each other in view the entire time until the paths merge and enables you hold hands again.


  • I think you're getting ahead of yourself, have you looked out of your window recently? image


  • when u see the start, you'll see why its done like it is

    IMHO - a superb event, first half pretty undulating - second half flatter

    we've done it 8 times ?

  • I'm looking forward to this. I entered last year, but that got cancelled. I hope the weather is better this time round. But there's always a risk with winter events.


  • Does anyone know if it's easy to walk to the start from the train station?  It's hard to find races to do without having a car to get there!

  • Hi Petey,

    It depends which station but Watford Met Line is less than 500m from the start image

  • Hi Petey,


    As FitBloke says Watford Met is the closest station, but I'm advised that there are works on the line around Harrow, so you should expect some delays on that route, but still a good option from Central London.

    The alternative is Watford Junction which is a mile from the start/race h/q and offers fast trains from Euston and Milton Keynes etc.

  • I have entered this for the first time in about 8 years. I remember the start around the park watching out for benchs and bins, when we get back to the park do we do a loop to the fininsh or just turn right to the finish?

  • Does anybody know what speed the runners world pacers run at?
  • ITB - there is a loop round to the right as you enter the park at the end - finishing about opposite where you came in

  • No need to reply, got a response from runnersword direct.
  • Hi Ed, please can you share what paces the RW will be running? Interested to know if there will be a 1.30/6:52 runner.

  • i would imagine they'll be  ( maybe 6 ) but definately  7, 8, 9, 10, 11, & 12 minute mile pacers carrying a nice sized visible board - i've seen them on many races

    they are excellent if that what you want  

  • we hope to be there this time, what - 6 days away - though i expect we'll go off a good 10 - 15  mins early - Phil especially loves watching them all pass by


    By Car There is one official car park for Cassiobury Park at the end of Gade Avenue near the bottom of Cassiobury Park Avenue (WD18 7LG and WD18 7LH are the nearest postcodes).

    The car park is signposted from the centre of town and Rickmansworth Road with brown tourist information signs. Parking is free but is limited to about 120 spaces.

    I have always parked in a side road near the park,never had a problem.

  • I have a spare place for this is go if anyone wants it 

  • Vicky Yello - I'm interested...


  • Hi Vicky

    Can you let me know if you still have the place? If so, let me know what you want to do about cost etc..

    Thanks very much - I tried to send you a message but it wouldn't let me!


  • Have just found you can still enter online, which I've just done! image

  • oop sorry! only just seen this! good luck!

  • Ouch. Combination of hills and the cold made that an uncomfortable race. I had a wicking running undershirt and a wicking running top, but as I kept my running jacket on all the time, the sweat didn't actually wick away, so by the last few miles my torso was encased in a band of icy wet cloth that sapped my strength. I didn't realise it until I finished and felt how wet and cold my top was. I changed into the souvenier top, but that wasn't enough to keep me warm, and it was a long, cold walk back to the car.....

    The support from the other runners as I made my way round the park loop to the finish was magnificent. I think every runner I passed called out my name (it helps that I have my name on my shirt!).

    And can I say that marshalls should be instructed never to say - "Not far now", unless you are within 400 yards of the finish. It's really not helpful!!!!!!

  • Races early in the year after the Xmas festivites are never that fun or fast. 

    Funnily enough I was chatting to a marshall when I was watching a mate run the MK half last year and they were instructed not to say "not far now".  Guess they didn't want runners to speed off and conk out.

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