Good 3 mile times

Hi, I'm interested in what people are doing 3 miles in, Time, age, weight, Flat, uphill, surface etc, Many thanks


  • So far 5K (3.1 miles) in about 23 min, 38yrs, 13 1/2 st, flat, road.  Not that great tbh.  Not raced one though.

  • Going for my 5k pb very soon, currently it's 22.42. I'm hoping for 21 minutes. I'll be 52 by then, approx 12st 12 & only run on the road.

  • Just try your local parkrun - then you'll see how you're doing.
  • Pick an event on this page to get results, age catgories etc:


  • 5k (Parkrun) in 23.42, 14 stone 5lb, undulating course.


  • 5k (never run 3 miles) in 19.27. Pancake flat on a dry day, paved. Weighed nearer 13 stone for that one. McMillan calls that 18.38 for 3 miles but as I say I have never run the specific distance.

  • 5k in 19:14 Poole parkrun (very flat) aged 41 weighing just over 12st.

    Did it this morning in 27:44, but that was with my 10 year old son.

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