Running in London

I'm going to be in London at the weekend and have a few hours with nothing much to do on Saturday lunchtime and Sunday morning so I thought I might take my running shoes and head off for a run. Question is where?

Saturday morning I'll have been in the Victoria area and will be heading towards Kings Cross later but I'll have my oyster card so I can get to anywhere pretty easily. I'm looking for 4-5 mile runs.

Sunday I'll be in the Kings Cross area but again I'm pretty easy.

Ideally I'd like somewhere where there's a loo or somewhere I'm not going to get strange looks when I take my sweat pants and hoodie off to get to the t-shirt and leggings.

Although I know London reasonably well, this is the first time I've ever wanted to run whilst down there and I know there's lots of parks, if someone could suggest routes (preferably that are easy to follow) then it would be a great help.



  • If you are in Victoria you have easy access to the Embankment, Green Park, Hyde Park and St.James's park - take your pick.

  • Regents park is lovely and pretty flat.  Enjoy!  You can find maps of the park on line, and I'm sure there are toilets there (and lots of other runners)


  • Regents canal is where I would head.
  • Thanks for the ideas.

  • +1 for grand union / regents canal, which is near Kings Cross.  You can go as far  or near as you like but head towards Camden which is always full of people (casualties) to look at on  a Sunday morning.  Plus Kings X is near Regents park which is gorgeous.

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