Hill ep Training


I'm looking for some advise ref hill rps training. It's something i hardly ever do but i understand it is really good for building strength so want to put it into my weekly schedule for the next couple of months to see what difference it makes.

I have an ideal bank near me (or at least i think it is) which is the best part of 1k in length and has a fair gradient. My questions are what distance / time should each effort be, what length recovery do i use and at what % of max effort should i be running during my effort?


thanks in advance people.


  • ps - i really will have to stop typing in the dark!!image

  • ClagClag ✭✭✭
    I'm no expert but have just introduced hill reps on the advice of the club coach. His advice:

    Find a hill that's sufficient to challenge but without being so steep that it affects your running gait. It should take 75-90 secs to go up; then take a slow jog back down to recover. Do it 8-10 times (after a10 min warm up and with the same cool down).

    How fast? Fast enough that you can do it the sufficient amount of times.
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