I broke my leg in March and started training again in May 2012. The last couple of months has been painfull to run due to a contition called bursitis (inflamation of the fluid sack on the hip) I think, as it is on my right hip and I broke my left I presume it is through over compensating when resuming training. Has anyone had anything similar? Any advice or comments welcome.


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    I've had one although it was short lived.  You need to ice the area, stretch the surrounding area and cut down the mileage until it goes.  Good luck.

  • I used to suffer with some pain on my right hip during long runs (and eventually after shorter ones too).  Went to the Dr who diagnosed Birstitis and just suggested Ibruprofen and ice. 

    I went to a physio, who identified that my right hip didn't rotate round as much as my left (all to do with a broken leg suffered 18 years ago!) and that was causing some irritation to my iliotibial band.  I was given some excercises and it's really helped, I have no trouble at all now.  I was also reccomended hot baths with Epsom Salts which I've been sticking religiously with.

    Not sure which of the 2 are having the most effect, but it's working and I'm running pain free (touch wood)


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    As a new runner 25 year ago, I trained for about two months with the same thing, and it was really sore, all the time. Eventually I went to a Doctor who prescribed anti inflammatory drugs.

    All standard stuff.

    I still recall my surprise at the way the pain disappeared completely within 24 hours.

  • Thanks guys, yes it seems that the treatment for this condition does not vary, which is good and also the answer I was looking for. My anti-inflams off the doc have really irritated my stomach and as soon as I swopped for the everyday, off the shelf ibuprofen it calmed down. Last two runs have been pain free, but as it is a creeping  ache and not a sharp pain I was sort of waiting for it to start, I was also surprised that it did not come! I have ran 5 day out of 7 for the last two weeks and have found that splitting my mileage up into smaller sections has also helped. Probably lost some endurance but will my overall fitness stay the same. Runs are between 4 and 6 miles, 5 times per week?

  • hi still on the end of nasty bout on my hip, havent run properly since last year, have had steroid injection this week and fingers crossed seems to have helped, managed 4 mile bike ride and run/walk couple of miles. going to try the empsom salts.

  • I had patella bursitis last year i got it 3 weeks before i was due to do my first marathon... :0 ( 

    It took a good 4/5 months for it to go as for some odd reason it started to solidify as it was going down.

    I was told not to run and just cross train making sure i put ice on it and take anti inflammatory and it will go in its own time... (not what i wanted to hear)

    Not a happy thought is that once you have had it once you are more prone to get them apperently...

    On the upside they do go and it gets better!

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  • Stretching gluts, quads/ITB and hamstrings could help.    Little (relative) and often running is a good way to manage the problem.

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