The need to stop.....

I just completed a really bad intervals session.  It was supposed to be 4 x 3K reps @ 4:30/K, with 2.5 mins rest in between.  Even in my 2nd rep I had to stop for a few seconds after 1K, and this pattern continued to the end.  image Feel quite a failure really!  imageI regularly do speedwork, but today's (given by online coach), were rather longer reps at 3K, and I found them tough tough tough.  The windy and cold conditions did not help. Does finisihing the reps count as a COMPLETED workout???

Would be interested to hear others comments on the need to stop whilst running, whether in training, or in races.  Recently ran a hilly HM (1hr 43m), and although my time was not too bad (aged 45+ female), and I bettered my time from last year, I still needed to 'walk' around 3-4 times.  That could have cost me at least 30s to 45s time.....WHAT TO DO WHEN THE URGE TO STOP ATTACKS???




  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    You'd put yourself under too much pressure attempting to hit pre prescribed figures set by the online coach.

    Rather than chase ethereal numbers, just run on percieved effort and accept the result. Allow for adverse conditions, weather and yours. 

    The online coach assumes its the middle of summer on a running track, not a freezing cold night on Chesil Beach. Times will be affected.

    I tend not to stop in races but tend to quite a lot on training runs. 

    Though that often depends on how many golf balls I find on the way (record find 16 whey hey!)

  • obviously went too fast for the reps.........the idea of reps is to get them all the same its a lesson in pacing as well as fitness........

    not every run will go to plan........conditions, nutition, time of day and surface can all affect it.adapt and then move on....if you continually find you are not hitting the targets you have set then adjust the plan

  • thats a fast speed for those distance reps..what are you training for and at what speed.........

  • Targeting a sub 45mins 10K in 6 weeks.  It did seem a rather long rep for me also....very long!  If I had targeted around 4:40/k pace I would prob have completed it....hopefully!

  • If my maths are right then that is 9k at target 10k pace........I'm a slower than you but would never be able to get that pace up in a training sesions without the race day adrenaline......

  • Unfortunately Seren your maths aren't right: its 12k at 10k pace. Way too fast.
  • Bloody hell - 3k reps ? That's almost 2 miles.

    The longest rep I do is 1 mile. That seems to do the trick for me.

    You're racing almost a third of your target distance on each rep.

    That seems way too long.

    Have we discussed this coach before ? That seems a very hard session to do 12k faster than your 10k pace by quite a bit.

    I hope it's an easy day today.
  • How do your last 10k go ? You were targeting sub 45 there too ?
  • Hey Cougie, you've got mega memory.  My last 10K race was a very wet and windy day, I achieved 46:06, so next attempt is due in 6 weeks.  I AM DETERMINED TO DO IT!  This is my #4 attempt.  Wish me luck!  

    Just believe, right?!  Oh, but is is all so hard work!image

  • Never heard of 3k reps before.

    Further in reps (12k) than the target distance (10k) sounds quite unwise in your position too.

    You're in effect making 3 mistakes, too long a rep, too fast a pace, and too much volume, and it's no surprise you didn't come through the session!

    I'd be more keen to see you do 6x1k at CURRENT 10k pace, not desired 10k pace, with shorter recoveries. Perhaps 90secs.

    Add in your tempo, slow run and easy pace running the rest of your week, and you're well away.

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