Where to run


For a few months now I've been seeking out, running and documenting (via my blog) various off road running routes near to where I live (Cambridge). When looking for interesting places I've been trawling the web and cross referencing my good old OS map. I've been digging up information from all sorts of places: running sites, the local council site, walking sites, biking sites ... even dog walking sites!

What I have found is that there is good information out there but it's scattered all over the place. Part of my motivation for blogging about the routes is to try and bring what I have found together as a reference for other people. So, my questions to you are:

  1. Can anyone recommend any good sites that detail runing routes (off-road or otherwise)
  2. Can anyone make any good suggestions about how I can promote my blog so that anyone who, like me, is searching for places to walk or run in and around Cambridge can find it

My blog: http://jimtzu.posterous.com/

Many thanks!


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