Treadmill ?

I am thinking about investing in a treadmill to keep up my training while the weather is so awful. I am wary of buying something lightweight from Argos that won't be up to the job. Any advice, experience or recommendations would be great.


  • The bad weather is only for a few weeks usually - could you go to a local gym ? It would be cheaper.  A decent treadmill will be quite expensive. 

  • Local gym no good for me because 1) I don't want to sign up for 12 months and 2) in the really bad weather I don't want to drive there.  Treadmill is definitely a much better idea and being at home it means I don't need to worry about childcare each time I do a workout.

  • Do you have a budget? After running outdoors for 4 years my shifts changed and I find now on 12 hour night shifts I don't always have a lot of time so I just bought one for use when time is limited as an extra option and can see the benefit with child care.

    I spent ages trying them and you do tend to get what you pay for.

    I bought a Horizon one and am very happy with it quite sturdy but then I am not too heavy and not too fastimage

  • I bought a treadmill at the end of 2011 for the same reason as Kelly as didn't really get into using it that much, I tried watching a movie and then just used it for speed training, so no more than 40 minutes on it really.  As soon as a half decent day/evening came along I was outside and a lot happier.  Mine is now on eBay.

    Spend your money on some new gear for running outside in winter weather, you'll be so much happier.

  • New gear won't help her child care issues.


  • I thought Kelly was buying a treadmill because of the winter weather?


  • Flo Po wrote (see)

    New gear won't help her child care issues.


    It would if the gear includes a large rucksack.

    I'm not very experienced with treadmills... but what I know is that I'm very uncomfortable running on any that isn't a gym-quality one.  For me, I'm sure that an "Argos" one (as you call it) would be complete false economy.

    Our council leisure centre allows you to use the gym on a pay-as-you-go basis (no 12 month contract), and at certain times, has a creche facility.

  • I have a life fitness T5 (or something like that) - cost a lot.  We bought it when we were building our house so the cost went into the  build costs (that was our justification anyway).  It's brill and it gets used at least 5 days a week in the winter (sometimes twice a day) as we both run.

    As a long time tready lover (in scotland we sometimes get really bad winters) I bought a cheap thing about 10 years ago and used it till it fell apart so I knew this one would get properly used.  In the summer I do run outdoors but the treadmill never seems to gather dust.  

  • I would make sure you try any cheap ones out before buying. The difference in quality between different makes, models and budgets is huge. I had a 'fun time' at a showroom recently. I ended up buying 10 pay as you go entries to the local gym which I will probably need in the next few days. To meet long term needs needed a lot of cash laying out.
  • I rented one - had it for about 9 weeks now - and its made me want to buy one from argos! but I dont know the best makes either. Someone told me to go round local gyms and ask if their selling any old ones 

  • We've got a Horizon Elite 507, been very happy with it, had it for about 5 yers and just recently I replaced the belt on it.  It wasn't cheap when we bought it (c1000) but you get what you pay for.  I wanted something with a longer deck and the ability to go to 12mph rather than the usual 10mph of the cheaper treadmills.

  • I also bought the Horizon 507 and am very happy with it. I was sorry I got on it in the shop as was buying a Nordic Track one which was a lot cheaper but when I got on the Horizon one it was much better.

    Out of interest Ghost Rider how much was the new belt and do you fit it yourself?

    Jambellz it is very important to try as they do feel different.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Worth looking on ebay rather than new as a decent one is hugely expensive. A friend of mine managed to pick up a very good model (ca £1500 new) for £150 on ebay. 

    I'd try the same if only I had somewhere to put one!

  • We've got a LifeFitness gym-standard treadmill, as both of us run and we knew we needed something of that standard. Yes, it did cost a lot, but like GymAddict did, we factored the cost into the conversion of our garage into a gym. And I think you get what you pay for, and if you want to do decent speeds and hills, a cheapo treadmill from Argos just won't do the job.

  • Hi Kelly

    After a lot of looking about and checking out 'deals' I bought a Proform 905ZLT from a place called restyle fitness online It was £550. It was brand new but they also do a lot of refurb models. Worth a look.

  • Look on eBay. I don't have a treadmill as I don't think I could stand the boredom, so I can't really help with that. I have a rowing machine (eBay) and a crosstrainer (Argos). I don't know why they seem less boring, they just are. And I guess it gives me a slightly different workout from running. They get used about once a week once the kids are in bed and I'm trying ot fit in 3 runs. If I only manage 2 runs, sometimes I'll use the machines twice a week.

    I would recommend a tv, DVD player and something that will get you moving (I'm working my way through Glee - lots of up tempo songs and teenage angst and it doesn't matter if I miss a line or two) with wireless headphones.
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