Accuroute software (!?)

I think it was that.
You know, the CD that RW were giving away if you renewed your membership.

Anybody ever get it to work? I had a go and it appeared tremendously complicated. Messed around for about an hour and then threw it away.

I notice they have gone back to offering the watch again - are we supposed to read anything into that!


  • Hi, yes I got it working a treat, really accurate too, obviously no allowance for hills with it, but on a flat course was working out to be within 1% every time. Still have it, and use it.
  • I must say I find it really good as well and use it all the time.
  • I like it - use it a lot and have found it accurate. The only trouble is finding decent electronic maps with the right scales to measure long runs. Oh, and trying to use it with a hangover doesn't always work - the mouse shakes a bit......
  • Hi FANY, two sites you may already use are, and they have good maps that you can use for your measuring
  • I've scanned in street maps of the bits of Bath and Bristol I run around and Accuroute works really well.
  • EP - something called Image-in scan and paint, the software that came with the scanner, and I save as jpegs. If I need to re-size the jpeg then I do that in Microsoft Photo Editor.

    I use Photoshop at work and I keep meaning to "borrow" it - it's quicker and gives much better results - but like the slow, long distance runner I am I keep plodding away with the default software.

  • Yes, Photoshop is excellent, I know it can do so much, but even with just the basics it is very useful to have
  • Anyone know where I can get accuroute software without having to subscribe?
  • RW were giving them away free a few months back, you could contact them maybe?
  • Try the below....

    You can order it on CD or download a trial version. Much cheaper than a Nike SDM...
  • Thanks all – have downloaded the trial version. I’ve moved to a new area and need to get some distances sorted out!

    Thanks for your email Evil Pixie – went to your web site out of curiosity, good luck for Reading! I’m intending to be there as well! Happy training (I think you need to update your log though!)

    Thanks again!
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