Gaza Marathon 2013

Anyone done this one? 

Would be glad of any tips or advice...


  • you'd be brave to attempt it... that's entering the area, THEN running the marathon.... (cant say Ive ever ran a marathon in full length sleeves/leggings). Not one for my list but respect to anyone heading in that direction... good luck (in more ways than 1) if you do enter!!

  • Well I was only thinking of doing the half (there's full, half, 10k and children's races) and entering the country shouldn't be too hard provided things remain calm there as will travel with an organised UK delegation but yes the clothing will be a bit of a challenge, definitely! Would need v light weight shell pants I guess : /

  • Maggie - I'm based in Gaza and plan to run the marathon.  You should get in touch with the Gaza team at UNRWA who are organising the race with any questions ( If you ask the organiser to put you in touch with me (i'll let them know to expect the request), i'll also establish comms via email - hope to see you in Gaza in April.

  • Thanks Mike! I emailed them the other day and asked for a letter of invitation which you need to get a visa but haven't heard back yet. Once I've got this I can sort out the rest of the trip. 

  • I am thinking of doing this one too, except I am alone and anxious about doing it solo.Are there any groups/charities from uk going that i can attach myself onto?

  • Razia / Maggie: you should contact  with any questions you may have.  The organizing team may be able to hook you up with fellow UK runners.  Mention my name and they will put you in touch with me via direct email comms. 

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