Brentwood Half 2013

Brentwood has already sold out, but the website allows for people to transfer numbers between runners. so thought I'd start a thread to facilitate.

I'm looking for a place, does anyone have one?

Many thanks



  • I think I need to add my name to this list - 1 spare place needed if anyone can help please!!



  • I have a place but will be unable to run. If you want it then let me know.



  • That'd be great - huge thanks Mags!! I'll message u on here in a minute to sort it all out image
  • Sorry, I've just realised I jumped the queue!! Are you still looking for a place David H?
  • Thanks Sonic, much appreciated. I've decided to go for Questars instead, so feel free to take the spot.

    All the best


  • That's great - thanks David!

    Mags I tried to message you but I don't think you've got messaging turned on? Could you mail me at dragon_eng at. Hot please and we can sort out transferring the number and payment etc... Thanks!!
  • Hi Sonic, tried email you but bounced right back. I have a look at my message settings

  • Have just messaged you back on here - thanks Mags!

  • I have a place going. Anybody keen to take it?
  • I'm desperately after a place... Blinsters, or anyone else, if you've a place please let me know!! Obviously I'll reimburse you in full.

    Thanks in advance
  • If anybody has a place going spare please let me know.


    Many Thanks

  • I have a place for the 2013 Brentwood HM but cannot run due to injury if anyone still needs one

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