advise for a newbie duathlete

HI All,

Ihave completed one duathlon before about 2 to 3 years ago, back then i had a hybrid bike and just did a fun distance of 5k/10K/5K

I have always been a runner and participate in quite alot of 10K races especially off road ones this winter am completing the human race series.

I am going to book the London Duathlon again this year but the challenge distance of 10K/20K/5K as i have a road bike now.

Any advice on winter training for next couple of months, i am cycling 3-4 miles twice a day in the week and running 3 times a week and doing some resistance work, do you think i should be doing anything else?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Thanks everyone



  • I'd try and get in a longer bike ride. You need to be up to 13 miles - so cycling 4 miles wont be enough. Build up the distance until you're happy riding over the distance, and then you could think of some speed work. 

  • +1 with cougs

    and do some bike/run brick sessions so you get used to running off the bike

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