Another thread about posterior shin splints....

My first thread and its about injuries...fab!

Sorry to bore you all with another one about posterior shin splints but I need some advice.

I started running about 10 weeks ago and I have made the newbie mistake of pushing too hard from my legs as my cardio has improved.

I have noticed that a lot of the pavements around here slope downwards from right to left causing my left foot to pronate; I have a neutral gait.

Two weeks ago I noticed tenderness half way up the inside of my left calf after about 2 miles so I stopped my run, walked home and took a few days off. I noticed the pain only occurred as a result of the sloped pavements causing my foot to pronate.

After 2 days off I couldn't feel any tenderness so I did a gentle 3 mile run avoiding slopy surfaces with no pain during the run. By about 3pm the pain it has pretty well gone.

I have bought K tape, a compression sock, I'm icing when I get home from work and taking ibuprofen.

It all seems to help, to the point where I'm pain free at the moment tempted to do a gentle 3 mile run tonight - however I know I'll be sore tomorrow.

There is so much information about what to do and what not to do; plenty of people seem to keep some gentle mileage up with such injuries, but is that really sensible? A sports physio mate has had a poke and he is sure it is posterior shin splints.

I have a 5 miler the first weekend on Feb, 2x 10K in March and Manchester Marathon end of April so I am keen to keep progressing....but I dont want to break myself.

I guess I am looking for someone to say "do this" (and take away my responsibility!) - which isn't going to happen; however some words of sensible advice would be good. Should I lay off the running for two weeks and do cardio in the gym, or keep to some gentle 2 or 3 mile runs and see how I get on?


  • From what you say, I'd

    • take a few days off, doing rowing or cycling  for the cardio
    • continue to avoid those slopey pavements.
    • Check your shoes are OK... did you get them with advice from a specialist shop?
    • spend 10 minutes before each run massaging your calves/shins... really getting the heel of your hands into the muscles to thoroughly warm them before running....
    • Then start a normal dynamic warm up before getting out there.
    • What is your stride length like? If it's quite long, then shorten it... so your footstrikes land pretty much under your centre of gravity.
    • Train slower than your training.
    • Search YouTube for post-run stretches aimed at reducing shin splints.
    • You're presumably running to a training programme.  Be patient with it.
    • In my limited experience with same shin splints, you can manage them by backing off if they get worse... moving to the gym or bike for non-impact cardio.

    Good luck

  • Ok, really useful advice; I have backed off and sticking to cross training for a week or so. Two days without running and it's definately improving, so I'll give it 'til maybe Monday before trying a gentle jog

    I read elsewhere about shortening my stride; I think shortening it helped on my last run, but by the time I realised I was possibly over striding it was too late, the pain had started. I will include this in a week or so and actively try to keep it shorter

    I bought my shoes from a 'proper running shop' who put me on a treadmill, but I'm thinking my left foot is very slightly pronating even taking the sloping pavements out of the equation....

    Many thanks for your help

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