soft tissue injury underfoot

I took part in a trail race at the weekend and have since been experiencing pain on the left side of my left foot and underneath it feels like theres a knot right under my foot and its preventing me from laying my foot out flat and also walking. I have been to A&E and had an X-Ray and i was told that i couldnt exercise or run for a couple of weeks. I have been told to rest and elevate my foot where ever possible. This is quite annoying as iv come into the second week of my 16 week marathon training programme.... im not new to running, iv been doing it for over a year now and have done lots of events, but im worried how this might affect my performance in training and if it will cost me time on the day of the marathon.

If anyone has any kind of experience with this type of injury id be grateful to know the sort of recovery time i should expect and if theres anything i can do in the mean time to keep fitness levels up. Otherwise just any advice would be helpful as this is starting to get to me....just 2 days out of training and im already getting annoyed at the fact that i cant go out and run!



  • Hi Claire over the last couple of weeks I have been getting the same pain. It starts in that middle of my right foot a pain like you are standing on a bar or something round like that. Then it feels like it is gonna start is driving me up the wall. I have started to roll a golf ball on the sole of my foot and i mite try changing trainers.
  • Well I changed my trainers before I got this injury so I'm getting them checked at the weekend to see if that's the problem because I was advised on a better pair. Does the golf ball do it any good?
  • Yeah the golf ball is very good but very sore. Stick with it and after a couple of days it becomes easier. With regards to the trainers I was also advised to buy asics nimbus a ??110 pair of shoes and it was them that has started to cause the pain.
  • Thanks for the advice... My foot healed itself with a weeks rest! Going to try a steady run when the snow has melted a bit image
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