Good multi-terrain trainers



  • I`ve enjoyed snow and mud in Adidas Kanadias recently. image

  • Tubby2bellies, I have the trailrocs as mentioned but they feel to short now and down hill my toes are right at end. I posted a few enquires on here about different shoes, Salomon crosslites etc but read such good reviews about the Mix masters and liking the minimal shoe more  I have decided to buy some too. I was working in Japan (they had none, feet very small) but in America now and found a shop close by that stocks them in Parrot !!!!image So going tomorrow and seen as its cold and snowy here I will post a review of my first run and how they fair up.... Mind you its hunting season in Pittsburgh at moment so most likely I will be shot on the trailsimage

  • I wasn't shot but when I tripped over a log buried in the snow anyone would have thought I had been.....I went down like a sack of /forum/smilies/confused_smiley.gif@!t]s@!t.... The mix masters where really comfy, loads of room and broad fitting so perfect for my flippers. I was running in South Park which is a mix of tarmac, woodland, Mountain bike trails etc. I covered 8miles and straight from the box had no rubbing or discomfort There was a good covering of snow and it was also snowing heavy at the time but I didnt slip once (I was actually walking back to the car when I fell overimage) They gripped all surfaces from snow covered tarmac to leafy forest floor covered in snow, streams and covered logs without a single slip. Very sure footed in the dodgy conditions and gave me loads of confidence to let loose a bit more down hills and concentrate on my footing rather than worrying about falling. Just enough cushioning to protect against jutted rocks and feel comfortable on tarmac but not so much that you can't feel the surface your on. So far for a first run I really like them and prefer them to my Inov8 but only because they fit better. Hoping these will be good enough for the Lakeland trails Marathon but time will tell. A big thumbs up so far

  • Max's mum - what's the sizing like in the Inov8 Trailroc compared to your normal shoe size?

    Paul Gardner 16 - good to hear the shoes worked for you (although not so good to hear about the fall)! 

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