Belfast Marathon 2013



  • Well, I finished in around 3.20, so a little outside my target... Went went out a bit too fast and went through half way around 1.34, but paid quite badly for that in the second half! Think that climb was harder than I thought, but it didn't feel too bad at the time...

    Can't fault the weather or the organisation, which were both spot on.

    Hope everyone else had a good race!

  • Full marks to the lady on the cliftonville road with a range of food set out even when us plodders came through


    Brilliant marathon, really enjoyed the day.  Lovely course and marshalls were great.

    If they could only ban the headphones it would so improve the race.   I had to pull some runners off the route to let an ambulance through for an emergency call to a collapsed runner.

  • Hi all, Congrats to everyone who took part. I've a few photos from the Belfast marathon . I was at the 24 mile marker for about an hour and a half until all my cards were full. Hopefully I managed to catch a few people here in that time.

  • I had a great day. There were so many supportive people. Did anyone else notice the guy giving runners free hugs on the way into Duncrue? image I was suffering from a bit of dehydration at that point and that may have affected my thinking but I decided, "Aaaah what the heck, I'll just do it" (I hope I'm not the only one who hugged the random stranger). I was quite a bit slower than expected (5 hours 36 mins) but still I enjoyed my first race. I'm learning.

  • jasonreid7jasonreid7 ✭✭✭

    well after letting that absorb for about a week, looking back i think i quite enjoyed the marathon...decent day for it, if a bit warm!  and great support out on the roads of belfast, really keeps you going at times, especially around the hilton area around 22-23 miles when youre struggling, needed the support then to keep me going to the next water station! 

    personally, i think i over hydrated and took on too much, had to bring a little back up along the towpath...but finishing in 4.43 isnt too bad for me, 20 second PB at belfast!  

    well done to everyone on the forum who completed belfast, glad to hear it was enjoyable for all, although i must say i missed out on the stranger hugging people...!

  • I had an atrocious race but all my own fault. I'd assumed that because I had done more long runs this year, the weather was better and I wasn't injured that I could go much faster. The first half was great, but I died a thousand deaths on the Lough Shore path when I had a wave of nausea that stayed for the rest of the race and it was run-walk for the next 8 miles and finishing 2 minutes SLOWER than last year. I found feeling like death while surrounded by hundreds of people yelling at me to 'keep going' a bit overwhelming so I've decided to give big city marathons a miss for a while and concentrate on trail running and not pressurise myself to do a certain time. As it was my second marathon I felt very nervous before hand and a certain pressure for a PB and was running faster than really comfortable. I had to remind myself it wasn't an exam!

    Thanks SamanthaNI for the tip about the Falls Road Leisure centre toilets which came in handy! image

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