Painful ankles after running

I'm really new to running. I gave up smoking on the 1st and wanted to channel all those withdrawal symtoms into getting fit. I've been following the "Couch to 5k" program and after only a week, ive found my feet, especially just beneath the ankle bone and around the achilles tendon are really painful after a run, especially the following morning. Im so disappointed as i feel so determined to persevere, however, I dont want to do more damage. Can anybody advise me what I can do to relieve the pain, yet still continue with my running plan?


  • I'd say go for the RICE - Rest, Ice, Compression & Elevation to relieve the discomfort now, then when you're feeling up to it I'd advise a trip to a good running shop who can get you on a treadmill & let you know which shoes would best suit you. It sounds like you need good stability shoes which will make a big difference.

    Keep it up though & well done for ditching the weed!

  • Thanks Andy. I think theres a running shop quite near me in beckenham so will ask them.
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