Liverpool Half

Hi all, was wondering whos done the Liverpool half and what its like for a first half marathon. Ive done some research and all seems very good with some excellent feedback from all abilities.

If anyones done it maybe you can answer the following... The carparks id use for the event might be out of use as the roads are cleared for the half, to that end is parking laid on by the organisers or do i need  find alternative parking and run the risk of having to walk to and from the car pre and post race, Not the ideal but if thats the only option so be it.


  • Liverpools a very good half the bloke who does a lot of the organising regualy comes on here to talk to the runner's and see what can be better and for information done it last 3 years and will be back for more this year. It's got some hills on it. Not big if your used to running on them but if your from somewhere flat can be a struggle.

    As for the parking there is parking near the event run be a local company they changed £5 last year which was a little bit steep for me but don't drive. If you need any info for the race I would go to this thread and should get a quick responce.


  • Thanks cake, ill check the thread.
  • Theres a car park right across the road from the start, also one by the Crown Plaza hotel. One costs £5 but you can pay 50p per hour on the race day if youre not staying all day.

  • If you're able to run a half - surely a bit of a walk from the carpark isn't an issue ? Its not like you need disabled parking is it ?
  • Cheers Dan but due to working away I've missed the deadline. Gutted,

    @ Cougie, not sure anyone's said its an issue and clearly I don't need the disabled parking so your irrelevant comment is wasted on me.
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