half marathon fears

Hi, guys. I have only just started running and recently done a off road run race. (10 k). I am now in training for the Chester half marathon. But im finding training for this a lot harder than the off road run i did. Tarmac seems to really hurt for days after. Im actually limping now two days after ive just done 7k. i don't have a problem running 10k but getting fed up of days of pain. So am i doing too much if so how much training do you think i should do a week and how far. Thanks Lee.


  • Probably need more information to make a call. How recently have you taken.up running? What level of training have you been doing, and how has this changed over time? Do you stretch before and (particularly) after runs? Have you had your gait analysed before buying shoes? Where is the pain located?
  • I started running in November. Just a couple of 5k runs to build up to a off road race. Since then I've been doing 5ks every Saturday Morning and trying to do 10k on Mondays . The pain at the moment is in my right calf but when i do 10k the pain is at the top of my legs at the crease at the front. no i haven't had my gait analyzed because i ain't got a clue what that is. image . And yeah i stretch but maybe i should do more..
  • If Tarmac hurts then keep training off road, just do the half on road, might make the race itself easier, as compared to off road the oneoff on road treat should be smoother n easy.
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