Wednesday 16th January 2013


Todays lyrics:' The sound is on the visions move.'

Yesterdays Lyrics; 'Hold me now' by The Thompson Twins.

What: 4M Steady

Why: Habit on  another cold and frosty morning

Enjoyed 21st Celebtarions thnks

Coffee calling again

STRETCH for those who need it.

Back later


  • Morning.

    Well swum Blisters!

    A forecast high of -2 today does not bode well for a run outside and snow forecast for Friday, Saturday and Sunday is not reassuring me of my prospects of actually racing on Sunday but I shall carry on as if I am - not a lot else I can do really.

    What:              short, easy, probably treadie run
    Why:               tapering
    Last hard:       last year
    Last rest:        16/1

    Lyrics - no.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Morning!

    Lyrics: no!

    Good news on the Garmin: cleaned the contacts on both the phone and the charger last night...and, lo and behold, it is fully charged and working.

    Good news: there seems to be no reaction to last night's LSR.

    The less good news: consultant wasn't too happy with the scar as it is very pronounced, and wrote to GP to ask them to prescribe a dressing called Cicacare: it was refused as it was too expensive. Any suggestions again, please?

    What: undecided.
    WhY: getting the balance right between trying to build up and not over-doing it. Have got Qof P this evening so won't be running tomorrow, and possibly not Friday.

    It looks crisp and cold, but dry, and the forecast is to remain like that with decent sunshine. If so, it would be rude to stay in!

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Alehouse - how much would it cost to buy the dressing privately? Or would it be cheaper to get a private script for it from your GP? Is the trouble that the scar is raised? If so you could investigate compression garments and there are things like vitamin E or Bio Oil that are supposed to aid would healing/scar reduction - depends what the issue is really. Good news that there was no reaction to the run.

    I can confirm that it's freezing out, colder than yesterday morning, and dangerous underfoot so it will be a warm gym and boring treadmill for me later.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    morning all,
    Ale - bon chance avec la QoP
    When I had my ankle op (just over 2yrs ago) my surgeon was quite open and said that you can try the scar treatments but some work some don't. I opted for nothing. Still looks pretty unsightly so if you do find a treatment that works...(not that I'm vain!!) 
    Stray - sorry to hear your news, and I hope that the doc has painted a bleaker picture
    Hampshire & London weather report : the former , freezing first thing, the latter, unexpectedly milder than I was anticipating...
    yesterday couldn't make the club's hill session (no car), so instead jogged locally and measured out an approximate 0.4m route on the only accesible and lit part of the village with a steepish incline. First half is a small but noticeable uphill, then steepens for the last half. 6 reps, slow jog back down (so 4.8miles up & down). Including w/u & c/d  was 8.2 in about 63mins. Glad I did it, but so hard on your own not to bail at 4 (oh ok 1 then...)

    Today I will be learning to run again with a small excursion down to Westminster.
    Why - keep on moving
    last rest - weeks ago
    last hard - yesterday

    lyric- think I do, should've got yesterdays...

  • Hi all

    Suddenly got very busy indeed. Took a look in here yesterday but never seemed to have time to write anything. Not helped by 2 runs!

    LMH - hope you are feeling better today? Fingers crossed the BM is on.

    Hi Pammie!

    Alehouse - I had those sorts of problems with my 110. Fiddling, cleaning etc worked for a while. I dont much like the charger for the 110/210. Longer term fix was losing it and buying a 610 instead!

    Straycelt - sorry about the news. Hope you find a management method that works well for you.

    what: yesterday - 8k at lunchtime then I decided to have a go at our after work 5k race. 21:13 - which just shows how much work I've got to do to get fit again. Was a bit grumpy after but to be honest it's probably roughly where I thought I was.

    why: good question

    Then today was a rest day. First one in 3 weeks. Had to travel to Auckland for work and although I took kit I really didn't get the chance. Could have run when I got back home but after a 14+ hour day I was just too tired. Back to it tomorrow.
  • Morning all.

    5 miles last night with a bit of effort at times.

    1k swim AM (coulndt get out of the bed)

    5 mile run later.

    Has any one here ever oragnised a race - its not as easy as it looks.

    I have a lot of catching up to do here.

    I will do my best

    Talk soon



  • Thanks for the support guys.
    AH good luck with the scarring reduction.
    Dustin: Admire your motivation and efforts
    M: I aspire to get back to the times you see as not fit!
    Lyrics: Nope.
    What: Short dreadmill 5k
    Why: TKD to follow
    Last hard: Realistically Monday:
    Last rest: Last Saturday

    Off for a S...t...r...e....t...c.....h

  • AH  Cica-Care basic cost £13.79 per sheet + retailers markup. Available off prescription. Can be washed and reused

    Rest (AKA work) today


  • Thanks, OH! May well invest!
    On the one hand the issue is cosmetic as the scar is ugly and raised; on the other hand as it is raised it catches the back of the shoe on occasions.

    M:  don't forget your race was on the back of some pretty heavy training, none of which was geared for 5k.

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭

    Afternoon all

    What: 18.6km in snow covered forests and hills
    Why: 18km was in the plan, not on snow or hills though!
    last hard: that counts.

    OH dropped me off approx 18km from home on his way to work this morning.Ran 18.6 km and then came across a bakery about 1km from home.  Decided to stop in there, buy coffee and cake and walk the 1 km home as a warm down.  Now to eat the cake!

    Ale there is a known problem with the 110 charger with watches bought about a year ago.  Maybe contact them?  Even though it's working now, it may only be a temporary fix.

    Straycelt sorry to hear the news.  Hope you can find ways to keep running for as long as possible.

    Have a good day all.

  • Emzap: There is a running god and clearly favoured you this morning for doing that extra 0.6km. Enjoy that cake!

  • Afternoon everyone.
    What: Nowt. Except I probably ran about a km to the bus stop at warm up pace!
    Why: Couldn't see the appeal of getting up early for the gym this morning.
    Last hard: Sunday.
    Last rest: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.
    Intending to run into work tomorrow and Friday since I'm in on my own. It's about 4 miles, may divert to 6 if I leave enough time. 
    Lyrics: No idea.

  • Decent run, Emzap!You have certainly made good progress over the last couple of years!

    Walked 7.5k largely off road, and included 6 x 250+metres slow running. Tomorrow will be a rest day: QofP/driving to East Midlands/danger tof doing too much too soon!

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Afternoon

    What 12.5
    Why MWLR
    Lyrics think so

    Very foggy and Bloody freezing this morning so opted for a different version of my intended route. Nightmare! Pitch black along A40 and running against the flow of traffic, on cycle path, so what little night vision I had kept getting destroyed. Cut back into town only for the fog to develop into powder snow which made the footpaths really slippy.  Anyway hills tomorrow if the cold allows

  • 8.8k on the treadie for me in my allotted 45 minutes. Not quite 'easy' but didn't venture into threshold either, you have to do something to pass the time don't you - much easier to put some faster bits in on occasion.

    Sounds like a busy day for you tomorrow Alehouse.

    Good running emzap.

    You're doing better than me in getting out postie - I daren't risk it.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • DonaldoDonaldo ✭✭✭

    No lyrics for me! (again!)

    Weighed myself on Monday,  15st 2 lbs.  Significantly heavier than I thought, given that I want to be 13 and a half by the end of May. 

    6 miles tonight after work - longing for light so I can go on my normal courses but stuck on the streets at the moment.  Very undulating run up and down every hill Dunblane has in 46:58.  Really enjoying my training just now. image

  • What: Just purchased and read my first (EVER) eBook
    Why: My cousin in law's first novel (only published in Kindle) - a good read though I'd still prefer some paper to hold in my hands. Didn't go the whole hog - just used Kindle App on laptop

    The Cold Glass Star


  • No idea on lyrics.

    Taper madness is striking here. I'm using it as an excuse for not training in sub zero temperatures.

    Forecasts for the weekend are, to be honest, irrelevant. I may have raced in -2 degrees before, but not that I recall, and not for 26 miles. I think that the challenge will be that sweat will become freeezing cold very quickly. Interesting.

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