Leg / Hip pain from new shoes

I am hoping someone can give me some advice on these shoes, I purchased a pair of Nike Zoom Structure +16 a month ago. Ever since I started running in them I had serious leg pain (felt like it was inside the bone) to the extent that I almost could not climb stairs without taking the railing. I gave it a rest for a week and ran 4km with the shoes and noticed that the Fitsole 2 insoles were digging into the back of the bridges in my feet. I changed the Fitsole 2 insoles for a flat indoor sole and ran a 21km race. No pain on the day, and the leg pain has completely disappeared, but 2 days later a bit of pain in my hips which seems to have gone on day 3, I can only think it is a support issue of the new insoles.

I assume that the Fitsole's are supposed to give more support and help with the general run, so what would be the recommended path I should take with regards to the soles, or might this be that the shoe is totally wrong for me.

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