How late can I leave entering the Loch Ness Marathon?

I'm running the Brighton Marathon in April (my first) and am interested in running the Loch Ness Marathon too.  However, having never run a Marathon before, I might be all 'never again image wah'.  Dunno?  So, I guess it makes sense to run Brighton first and decide after, but will it still be open?  Does anyone know when the race tends to fill up?

Thanks image


  • Doesn't really fill up as such, but they close entry in July, so plenty of time to decide after Brighton.
  • Thanks.  Strange that they would close entry so early.  You'd think they would want the maximum amount of runners.  Anyway, that all works in my favour, so splendid news image

  • they close it early so as to maximise those forced into taking up a charity place. lots of marathons do this now. bit of a swizz. this is the reason ive never run the loch ness marathon.

  • Hmm, I've failed to get in by leaving too late in the past and it is always full. Never eard anyone grumble about it before tho! It is a crackingrace and I would go back to do again. well worth the trip/effort from Wales

  • Is early May 'leaving it too late'?

  • If you are a member of a club entries don't close until September, I've always  waited till then and entered, too expensive to enter too early then find you can't do it! Fantastic race btw.

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