Pace based workouts on hilly terrain

Just bought a Garmin 210, and have discovered that it doesn't support pace alerts (or uploading complex workouts). What I'm not sure about is how useful either characteristic really is in my case. 


Basically, all my runs are on pretty hilly terrain, I very rarely run any kind of distance on the flat. Given that, I can see that lap or average pace is useful (which the watch has), but a pace alert would be going off constantly... Or am I wrong? 


  • Hi, Not sure what you mean by a pace alert. Do you mean exceeding a certain heart rate. If so you can configure the watch to use various zones e.g. 60-70% 70-80% etc. I usually hop up one level for hilly runs as I know the alarm will be going off most of the time. 

    As you say you can not download complex workouts from Garmin Connect or Garmin Training Centre but you can set up interval sessions on the watch directly.

  • More exceeding or dropping below certain pace (speed) - basically how useful are this kind of alert when you're doing hill runs? Certainly HR alerts are a pain, as you say you have to set them to a higher zone (or walk!) if you don't want to be listening to the alarm all the time...



  • I have the forerunner 410 and I'm not aware of that having pace alerts either. Personally I would stick to my heart rate anyway given the choice.

    Great article at called Take a Hill Pill

    'The hill doesn't care if you've had a lot on your plate. It's not going to go easy because you're coming back from injury. It will simply give you a fair, unbiased account of exactly where your fitness is at. No argument; no debate.'

    Well worth a read.

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    This seems an appropriate place for this question...

    On the Forerunner 210, I was a little disappointed after plugging my 12 week training plan into Garmin Connect, that it didn't then download direct to my watch!  I probably hadn't read the manual properly.

    Not to worry though, I just upload intervals session manually onto the watch and that works fine.

    The only issue I have is when I have an intervals session with differing distance goals, I can't work out how to program that into the watch.  It may not be possible, but if it is I'd like to know how!

    For example, a few of my intervals sessions have progression such as 400m / rest / 800m / rest / 1200m / rest / 1600m / rest / etc etc.

    I can only seem to program in 1 length of interval and 1 length of rest (such as 400m / rest / 400m / rest / etc).

    Does anyone know of  a way to program in the different length intervals?

    And, is there any way of programming in a target pace?  I have to just rely on looking at the watch and keeping myself at target pace - an alert would be good though if I go below or above a certain pace - if it's possible!?


  • Don't think you can do varying intervals, and I'm certain that there's no way to set pace alerts. I end up doing the same as you, checking out the watch to make sure I'm not off-pace. Which is pretty crap, really. 

    Damned limited budget, got the wrong watch! image



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    What watches do do those things...??

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