Leeds Xpress Triathlon 28.07.2013

Hi, I'm thinking of doing the Leeds xpress triathlon this year & am a complete novice.  I regularly run & cycle & think I'm fit enough to finish the race.  My swimming is rusty, although again I think I can manage the swim.  I will not be entering to win, just merely a personal challenge. My worries are the transitions& nervousness about being new.  Has anyone done the Leeds xpress before& can they offer advice?  You swim indoors& then go off to your bike, do you change there etc?

Many thanx



  • Nic not done the race but marshalled there in the past. It's a very newbie friendly race and a excellent one to start off with. Once your out of the water it's a straight walk/run to transition if you wear a swimming costum you can just put on cycle shorts and stuff next to your bike. Have a read of this it's going to have all the info you need. linky

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