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Hello again,

I am progressing well since my first introduction post. I am currently on WK3 / D2 of the C25K programme.

I am running every other day and the shin pains have now stopped with only a slight ache that doesnt put me off.

The diet is also working an in the 2 weeks since commencing I have now lost 7lbs which is good as I am not on a crash diet, eating lots of carbs and protein and exercising.

When running though the insteps of my feet do hurt, I am flat footed and the shoes i have been recommended suit my running from the Gait analysis. I can only assume that becuase i have had no support on the instep before it is now being worked and stretching over the shoe and this ache will subside?

My other pain is in my knees, roughly where you would expect the cartlidge to be on the inside of the knee.

Bearing in mind I have not done exercise for over 15 years, now weigh 13st 11lbs and am 5 foot 5, i am clearly overweight.

1) Are the pains normal and are they likely to clear up after more exercise?

2) Should I just continue to run in accordance with the C25K programme?

3) Should I consider stepping up to running every day or perhaps 5 times a week to speed up my fitness and help get over the niggles? I would still only run in accordance with the C25k, but perhaps repeat a day a couple of times rather than increase distance etc.

Thanks in advance of your kind responses.


  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    You wont get rid of niggly pains by increasing the frequency of your running!  Pain is your body's response to a problem, and a message to your brain to stop doing whatever is causing the problem.

    The instep and knee discomfort could be because you have just started running, and your body is adapting to the new demands.  It could also be because your shoes are bedding in, or possibly they are not right for you (this does happen sometimes, even when you've had gait analysis etc).

    If the pain isn't getting any worse, and doesn't persist into the day after your run then you should be OK.  However, if its still there after another week of training, then take a break until the pain & discomfort has subsided.  If its still there after a week of rest, I'd try a different pair of shoes (any shoes, no need for another new pair) just to see if the pain is better/worse in different footwear.  

    If none of this helps and you are still in discomfort it would be worth seeing a sports physio to see if you have a biomechanical problem thats causing the discomfort.  


  • Hi John

    It is most essential that your footwear is correct - wrong footwear could have a huge impact on nearly every part of your body

    being a beginner ??- you are going to hurt in places yes, the body has to adjust-

    but also Stutyr is correct, it would do good to srudy their post

    wishing u well always

  • thanks folks.

    The ache in my instep goes about 15 minutes after the run. My knees ache a little for a couple of days.

    On the advice above I will carry on regardless for the time being but not incease the workload.

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