Breaking in a new pair

i've just bought some Brooks Ghost 5 to replace my tired Saucony Omnis.

How long do you guys take to break in a new pair? I'm thinking of maybe doing just my recovery runs in the new shoes for a week or so, until I've got the feel of them, before ditching my current pair.  


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭

    Depends is different with different shoes but 2 or 3 recovery runs around 4 -5 miles should be ok. Don`t ditch the old pair until you are satisfied you can do decent mileage in the new ones.

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    AG, I'm assuming you're following the P&D plan as you've posted on that thread.  I've used the 5mile recovery runs to break in new shoes, and a couple of other posts have mentioned doing the same.

    It does depend on the shoes to some extent - I've got a new pair of my current shoes (Saucony Mirage) that had one 5m recovery and then were used for my 8m Aerobic run today, and they're likley to be used in a 10+ mile run on Sunday..  I also got a pair of lightweight Saucony Fastwitch for Xmas and I've run a few 5m recoveries in them and will gradually start using them for longer runs (with the aim of using them for forthcomng half- and full- marathons).

    So it depends a bit on how closely your Ghost's fell like your old Omni's

  • My Ghost 4s 'broke in' in no time and felt great straight from the box. I'm now on Mizuno Wave Inspire 9 (needed a more stable shoe) and felt great from the off. 

  • cheers guys.

    The ghost feel a bit lighter than the omnis, but i could be wrong, either way there's not a lot in it.

    i'll do the next couple of recovery runs in my ghosts, then maybe chuck in a longer midweek run.

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