Before a Park Run Starts

Its the first Carlisle Park Run this Saturday and not really fit to race it as still building back up from injury but thinking of turning up to show support and making it part of my run for the day which is scheduled for 7.5 miles and nearly exactly matches the jog there, the Park Run and the jog home.

Ideally I'd like to jog in at 8.59am, join the back at the start and run round - can I or do you need to do something when you get there like book in or something?

Thanks for any advice.


  • You dont need anything if you do not want a time registred. Do what you want but dont take a token at the end or go through the finish line if you do not want a time recorded as it can muck up the results!!

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Nope, just join in on the start line and present your barcode at the end.


    ...edit... x-post.  Assuming you want a time registered, that is.  Otherwise just join and run round, but only go through the finish if you have got a barcode to produce at the end.

  • Thanks Phil - perfect.

    Gavlar - thanks - but I do want a time registered I just know it will be a slow one!

    Thread Closed!image

  • Thread re-opened - depending on how busy it is and your time, you might need to queue to get your barcode scanned.
  • Oh? I thought from Phil's reply that you did not need to get your bar code scanned until you had finished? If I had to queue when I had finished then so be it but if I had to queue before I started then it would be no good timing it to arrive at last possible minute so now I am confused again?

    Who is right Phil or Nykie?image


  • Both are right. I'm sure Nykie is talking about a potential queue when you finish the Parkrun.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    You get your barcode scanned at the end and not the start.

    What Nykie meant was that after you finish you may have to queue to get the said barcode scanned as lots of people may be finishing around the same time. Shouldn't be more than a couple of minutes though.
  • And remember, parkrun is all one word and lower case letters !!! Good luck with it, it's a great event. You can always do a cool down lap or small circuit to keep you moving if the queues are too long and you want to keep moving, or if you know someone else doing it they they could scan your barcode and finish token for you. The longest queue tends to be around 25-30 minute finishers
  • I did my 1st parkrun this weekend gone at Albert Park in the Boro. Couldnt believe how well organised these are for free events, it was literally turn up, set off, finish and scan within minutes and you were back on your way, Ideal to use as part of your training run. Would definately recommend them to anyone image

  • Yes I agree with Craig. SKF should just turn up do it and learn from that and stop being such a wimp. Well said Craig
  • Don't forget to register and take your barcode with you. If you can laminate it, it will last longer. Scanning machines can't read the codes on your phone so that isn't an option normally.

    Hope you enjoy it, they normally have a briefing before the start and then everyone will move to the start, you can always run up and down until they are ready to start. Lots of people at ours do lots of warm up drills.

  • Sorry, I wasn't clear. Thanks to Ziggy and Millsy for being more clear image
  • Also, if anyone is reading this, please do NOT go through the finish (so the timers click you) then duck out/refuse to take a finish token, because that really messes things up for those of us sorting out the results. And if you go back to encourage someone else on the run-in, veer off in plenty of time so you're not clicked a second time.

    And please, please don't take the finish position number tag away with you! We need to re-use them every week!

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