in glasgow there is an arthritic underground system known as the clockwork orange (because of the orange trains and circular route). 15 stops. which of course makes it perfect for a pub crawl. get off at each stop and have a pint, or a half and a half, in the nearest pub.

we are planning to do it...but running between each stop. i think it'll be fun.

i once read about a bloke who ran a hundred miles and drank a hundred pints over easter weekend. but i still don't believe it.

anyone else done similar?



  • Used a stretch limo to go round the monopoly board in London for a mates stag do

    Started at 11 am and haven't what time we finished !
  • brilliant. just the areas or were you standing boozing outside the water works?

    we have taken to using our evening run to check out pubs in unusual places. run there, wee dram, run back.

  • Many years ago (1970's) The Hares and Hounds from the educational establishment behind  Kelvingrove Park used to go to Arran for a training camp and do the double ton, 100 miles and 100 pints in a week and even that was deemed good going. I think the double ton would kill the liver, if not the person, if done in a weekend

  • Someone I work with used to do a real hard session and end up at the Fox & Firkin pub. The route was so brutal that by the time they got to the pub they would say to the barperson "for fox sake give me a firkin pint'..true

  • Dave,

    What did the natives in the Old Kent Road make of a stretch turning up at their local at 11am?

    Sounds like a great stag do.
  • straycelt - well i think he included good friday and easter monday...but still image

    arran sounds much more convivial image

  • I'm off the booze at the moment, but some of the "tasks" sound brilliant. Really like the Monopoly one.

    Used to do the Mumbles Mile when I was younger living in Swansea. It used to be 14 pints, though was up to 36 if you took on all the hotels/B&Bs that served non-residents.

    Cinderella's a nightclub at the Mumbles Pier was the last place and even when trollied it was the worst nightclub I've ever been to; I now live near Basingstoke so I've experienced really crap nightclubs and Cinderella's is still the worst.

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    A few years ago a group of us did the "circle line" on the tube.

    I've always fancied doing my own version of the London Marathon, where you could run the route and have a drink every mile. May have to be halves at each one though.
  • some mates and I are doing a version of the monopoly pub crawl where every couple of weeks we'll do a new colour, working around the board. it's not a traditional crawl in the sense that we're racing from pub to pub downing pints as quickly as possbile and then onto the next pub, just using it as an excuse to find some new and interesting pubs in areas of london i might otherwise not venture to.

  • I think there's a variation on the Glasgow tube crawl which is based on golf



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