Reading Half Marathon 2013

Hello. Thought I'd start a thread for people who are running Reading as opposed to wanting to get a place from someone else.
So who's in and what's your target?


  • I'm in. Will try to get under 1.45
  • I am in. I would like to be somewhere nearer to 2hours maybe 2.15 but really struggle with speed. I have the stamina to complete halfs but only in varying times starting from just over 2 and a half, though each one i do i knock some seconds or minutes off.

    Am trying to up my running this year to see how that helps, and will start some speed intervals in a few weeks.
  • Hi guys. 1:45 ish is my target too but anything is fine so long as I get round pain free. This'll be my fourth Reading Half. Love the finish in the stadium, the drummers under the bridge, the pub tempting us with beer and the atmosphere is always great. I'm aiming for a PB but not had a great start to 2013 due to bad knee - trapped in the catch 22 position between healing and losing fitness.
  • Hi Jonny, this will be my first reading half and I'm looking forward to it. image sounds really good. If I go under 1:46 it would be a new PB for me but I also have my eyes on my first marathon in may. Hope your knee is getting better and you will go pain free and get that PB.
  • this will be my firs half in reading, done london full in 2011, and what a great experiance, the croud drive you all the the round, so if you havnt dont it... just do it.

  • This will be my first Reading Half Marathon and only my second half marathon in total.  Hoping for under 1:50 but currently not sure if this is realistic.  Used to live in Reading and go to the Uni there so should be interesting.

  • The route goes by the Uni. It's a great race to attack imo - OK it is crowded but the course is wide the whole way and there's a couple of hills to test you out. Biggest issue for going for a time here is psychological I think. The final two miles are alongside a duel carraigeway and a double back in Green Park - the nearness of the stadium kids you into thinking the end is nearer than it really is. Last year I latched on to a couple of runners much quicker than me who tore through the final stretch - kept me moving.
  • Johnny2323 wrote (see)
    Love the finish in the stadium, the drummers under the bridge, the pub tempting us with beer and the atmosphere is always great..

    I presume youy meant to say serving beer, rather than tempting as I always stop for my freebie from the Turk's Head (other pubs are available) image

  • I'm running Reading again this year.

    My current target is sub 2 hours, but to do this I must avoid the free beer!image
  • Hmmm I declined the beer last yer, maybe that is where I went wrong!
  • The beer is ok, but don't be tempted by the pork scratchings! I'm in, again, along with my son, brother in law and nephew. Target was 1:30, but after 6 weeks off I'll probably be revising that! It may be expensive, but I enjoy Reading, A nice, easy, fast route and good atmosphere. The only part that I don't like is the stadium finish! - I don't like the surface or the loud noise.

  • Hi all,

    I'm in, this is my first try of Reading (it won the toss between Reading and Silverstone!).

    I did 2 Halves year, in what was my first year of running, North Norfolk (1:49) and Dartford (1:41), so I'm going for at the very least sub 1:40 (as I really want a time registered in mins rather than hour's and mins (eg 99:59). 

    I'm training much, much more than last year, so would love sub90mins, but think that's almost certainly a bit beyond me.


  • I'm in - this is one of my favourite events of the year.

    My first ever race was a RHM in 1984!! image

  • I'm in too!  I am fairly new to running, but having lost a load of weight over the last 18 months I am now hooked on it and its getting me through a plateau as well as toning me up and getting me fit!

    I decided to enter the Reading Half because I wanted something big to focus on and aim for. I have done a couple of 5k races and recently discovered ParkRun too which I loved. I am doing Reading as a golden bond place with Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research as my Mum had Lymphoma cancer twice and is currently in remission again.

    I have no idea what time I am aiming for, and may have to walk a little of it, but I am not really bothered as I am just doing it for the personal achievement of running a half and for the charity. I did put my 5k time into the race calculator weeks ago and it gave me a predicted time just under 3 hours!!! But since I did that last 5k I have reduced my walks and increased my running time so I think that a time of somewhere between 2hr30min and 2hr45min will do for me! I am currently following a BUPA half marathon training plan and its going really well. I can feel improvement almost every week and as I keep a running diary now I can look back and see my times improving image

    Hope to see some of you there... I'll be one of the ones in a bright yellow LLR running vest image


  • Hi BB,  what a great story.  I wish you the very best of luck with your training.

    All, if anyone is on Twitter I'm @MartinKing_   I often tweet about how the training is going.





  • Thanks Martin! image

  • Last year I started the race with the Reading FC mascot and then about half way round overtook the Reading FC boss Brian McDermott and had a little chat with him - the eagle-eyed might spot him early in this video ---- image

    Great stuff BB & Martin. I know you're going to love it.

    7 weeks! Exciting.
  • Great story BB - good luck with the training, espec in this cold weather! 

    Johnny - I wonder if Kinglsey and BM are running again this year?

  • Martin, I am following you on twitter now... I am on there as  @LeighMorton71 if anyone is interested?

    Thanks Johnny & Andy for your support... yep, 7 weeks and counting!! I have heard such good things about the Reading Half and the atmosphere there so I think we will all be on adrenaline highs all day, I know I will image

  • I seriously doubt if BM is running again andy - he didn't seem like he was enjoying it much last year plus struggling with relegation bit more stressful than gunning for promotion I'd imagine.

    Do you know if the stadium is open before the race
  • I'm in - it'll be my 4th Reading.  I'm doing Wokingham too in about 3 weeks time.  I'll be coming in around 2hr 15.  The first time I did Reading I was worried about being last with a time like that, but there were literally thousands of people finshing behind me.  It's a brilliant race - always good fun and loads of support too.  Training's been going OK and have a couple of 10 milers in the bag, plus hopefully Wokingham will stand me in good stead - I always find aI'm a minute or so faster at Reading than in Wokingham so we'll see!

  • we've run it many times from front of pack and from back

    a fab race, but the last 2 miles can be mentally sapping - especialy if one has used that much energy through the excitement of the early and middle miles

  • You're right there Mick - I've done dozens of half-marathons, but I still get carried away at Reading, and start too fast!

    Johnny - yes it is open beforehand.  They usually run the fun run (Green Park Challenge) before the main race to you can watch the fun-runners finish their event too.

  • Ah good. Thanks andyp
  • Following you back on Twitter BB.

    Hope everyone's training is going well.  An enforced few days rest and a lighter week last week due to snow, but I hope to claw back some miles and put some effort sessions in soon to catch up!

  • In case it is helpful - for anyone having childcare issues on race day, thought I would mention that Reading Half is now offering a creche service this year. Based in the hotel on site. Think it will be a fab addition to the event. So please spread the word if you know anyone that may benefit. Thanks image 

  • I am pushing Dominic in this one-aiming for sub 1.40 maybe 1.35 weather allowing. Looking forward to it, the first 3 miles up to the university I find tough as pushing a wheelchair to the top of those couple of sharp hills is a little testing but once at the top we can really enjoy our race. Good luck to all running and please say hello on the route-will be wearing a Make A Wish shirt for this one as Dominic had a wish holiday last year.


  • Sorry but what is this talk of free beer? image

    I'm in, I did 2 halves last year both off road (Uxbridge-Watford canal one and Letchworth Greenway Challenge) and finished them both in 1hour 49. Initially I was aiming for sub 1hr 40 but my current comparitive lack of fitness means I'm just aiming for a PB.

  • @2wheels There's a pub on the route at around 8 miles I think, just before a nice hill, that puts out a table with beer and pub snacks on it. I'm sure plenty of folk incorporate it into their challenge but the one year I partook it slowed me down and made me want to have a pint instead of finishing the race.
  • It's the Nag's Head on the corner of Oxford Road and Russell Streetimage

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