Training for a marathon and triathlon

As the title says I'm training for a marathon (Oct 2013) and the London triathlon (July 2013), however I could do with a few tips on which training to do first, which should take precedence etc? I'm also boxing in September in a charity boxing match but I know how to train for that. Any help much appreciated, if this has already been covered in a previous thread if anyone can point me there that'd be good too! Ta Ben


  • I'm in a similar position, Ben. Doing my first tri's in the summer, and then Chester marathon in October. I'm focussing on tri training until July, and then I will 12 weeks of devoted marathon training plan. I would have liked a 16 week period before Chester, but I reckon the tri training will have got me fit enough by then.

    My tri-training is based (loosely) on doing something 6 days out of 7, and a few double session days. Swimming at lunchtimes as often as I can (2 or 3 times a week), running 4 times a week (one longish hilly run, one parkrun for speed, two tempo runs). Bike is limited to turbo sessions at the mo, 3 or 4 a week.

    Once the tri's are over, I'll follow a Smartcoach schedule.
  • Is this your first marathon or have you done plenty before..............also which event do you want to do best at......which is your A race...........

    You know how to train for the boxing..........but you will have to be careful that that training does not effect the other sesions you are doing.........How hard are the sessions for the boxing and how often.....

    if you can build up your long run during the tri tarining to 14 ish miles then you will be in  agood position to increraase then after the tri for the marathon.......If you can get at least 3 runs in a week in the tri long .... one of the bike and one other then you should be able to use the cros training to do well at the marathon

     but leave a rest day every week.........

    But again really does depend on the type of workpouts for the boxing.the volume and intensity of them


  • Hello,

    Cheers for the advice

    I have done one marathon before and vowed never to do another, however, with it being the first Yorkshire Marathon i thought i`d give it a go. i`m definately a runner more than a biker, with semi decent swimming. I need to find a decent training plan I think, I intend to do a half marathon around April which ifigure will help both the tri training and the marathon training, then leave the marathon training till after the tri in July.

    In relation to the boxing, the sessions aren't too intense as it`s only a charity thing for work, so i'm hoping that won't get in the way of the other training.

  • hi ben, i'm currently training for london and IM Wales...look...i'll be honest....the Olympic distance triathlon is going to be miles easier than the marathon....if you went out training just running and put the triathlon in without actually doing any bike/swim'd still finish ok.

    if you want to do well in the tri though....say under 2.45 or 3 hours.....then i'd say honestly...ride your bike and go for runs right're only gonna be doing 25 flatish miles on the day...and thats easy to build upto....but the jelly legs is something you need to be used to.

    most peoples fear of tri comes in the dont seem to have that so dont worry.....

    i'd do it the other way round......a marathon training plan....with 2 rides and a swim (one brick) during the week will see you easily through.

    good luck

  • Hi, guys. Similar boat to you guys and think I've made a bloody big mistake. Signed up for VLM in April and IM 70.3 Wimbleball in June. Never done more than 10 miles running in one session in my life let alone run a marathon. Never done a triathlon either and I don't think I've swum more than 1km in a pool session before. And I don't have a triathlon bike, nor can I afford one. image

    How serious are Ironman 70.3s? Training for the Marathon has started and I just completed the Tough Guy UK race yesterday. I'm a determined sort of bloke (or so I like to believe) but I'm nowhere near what you could consider a semi-professional athlete, let alone professional one. I just signed up for the 70.3 on the spur of the moment. Kind of like when people get drunk and take stupid bets on. Except I'm Muslim and don't drink and don't gamble, so I have no excuse. *facepalm*

    What should I do other than give up? I'm focusing my training on the VLM and intend to increase my swimming and cycling after completing that. Aiming for about 4.30 - 5 hour finish. My VLM training plan includes running on 3 days of the week (with a rest day between each running day) cycling on 6 days of the week (I cycle to work ) one session of boxing and one very short session of swimming. Sunday is my rest day. After VLM, I aim to reduce the running to 2 days and increase swimming to twice a week. I'm not really concerned about my cycling other than what bike to use. Any advice? Again, I can't afford a triathlon or TT bike. image 

  • 3 runs ( 1 long) per week

    3 Bikes ( 1 long) per week

    and a couple of swims should see you right.

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