Dronfield 10K

This is one I do every year. Not an amazing course but very friendly and well - organised.


  • How hilly compared to the wrap up warm in Graves Park?
  • Did it last year, but falls on my wedding anniversary this year so no can do image. It's a good race and very well organised. Not done the wrap up warm Tim so don't know. There is a couple of hills that are not bad the first one just after the start is the worst in my view, and also some fast downhill sections.
  • There's a little sharp hill in the first k, then a long quick down and then a long steady climb, not too steep, of about a mile between 3.5 k and 5k ish. Then the lap repeats but missing the first climb. Not as many climbs as WrapUp but you do do the long climb twice which a lot of folk struggle with.

    I think it's a good race though made by the nice support.
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