Hell in the Middle

Is anyone else insane enough to be doing Hell in the Middle next month? Really hoping that the three of us are not the only crazy fools to potentially be braving the minus temperatures of Trentham!! Anyone got any tips on clothing efc??? Thanks guys image


  • Yes! Hellrunner is always fun! Have done 4 Up North & 2 In the Middle....Though this is a new location, so no idea what this route will be like.

    Just wear what you normally wear....No cotton, as that soaks up water....Tights, couple of long sleeved tech tops.....If windy consider a cag, as windchill can be nasty....DECENT GRIP trail shoes...Not your most crap ones with no tread left!


  • Im going to presume this is similar to the Tough Guy event??

    I wore a tri suit for Tough Guy, Think it was the X2

    Doesnt hold water, Dries quickly and is very comfy.

    As for footwear, I have the inov8 Terrafly, Good grip, comfy and are Gortex(allthough this wont help if your neck deep in water..image

    Anyway, Good luck, sure youll have a blast!!

  • Thanks guys!!

    I did Hell up North which I loved image Just pondering over this one as its looking likely to be in the minus temp wise. Think I may do what you suggest Pyjama Girl, layer up with more than one long sleeve technical and maybe a head buff. I was wondering about my trail asics rather than road trainers which I wore last time and spent so much energy trying to stay upright!!
  • Trail shoes def....Might be icy.....And if not icy, will be muddy I'm sure! 

  • WantefcWantefc ✭✭✭

    im doing this......i had to pull out of hell up north on the morning of it due to a chest infection that i was in denial about the week before ( wise move in thinking about it.)


  • looking for a wave 1 place in this... if anyone needs to pull out please drop me a message...Cheers
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