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Hi, Can anyone advise what tops, and where I can get them, that are longer than hip-length? I've just started running and feeling self-conscious is not helpful. I'd prefer to wear a top that is longer than my hips and covers my bottom.


  • depends if you're a man or a woman?

  • I wear a pair of shorts over tights.

  • i bought some long tops like that for my gf made by a company called lulu lemon, they are almost like mini dresses, she wanted them for when she's on the road bike to stop the draft, they are tight/snug fitting though, i'm not sure about anything looser fitting if thats what you were after.

  • Skort?
  • Some cycling tops are curved at the bottom and are more flattering, skorts are good but can sometimes bunch up.

    One thing I would say is that no one is looking at you and is thinking OMG how unflattering!!

    I always think my sweat, red face, heavy breathing will be too much of a distraction for anything else!

    Good luck and enjoy your runs

  • LuluLemon is nice but very expensive (£50 for a tank top when I was last at their shop in Chelsea!)

    Some of the Nike tshirts and tank tops are long line, you could layer those over a shorter, long-sleeve tshirt for running outside? Sports Direct usually have a good stock of Nike stuff at reduced prices.

  • pinkbug wrote (see)

    I wear a pair of shorts over tights.

    That just screams "I'm worried about the size of my bum" (if you're a woman) and "I'm worried about the size of my willy" if you're a man, and draws more attention to the area you're trying to hide.

    Even if people DO look, and DO think you have a big bum - so what?  Nothing happens.  

    I'm sure that many people have thought that about me over the years, and I'm still running, haven't dropped dead yet!



  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    I agree with cyclng tops. These are designed with a longer back as cyclists bend forward and a normal length tops would expose the lower back.

  • "That just screams "I'm worried about the size of my bum" (if you're a woman) and "I'm worried about the size of my willy" if you're a man, and draws more attention to the area you're trying to hide."

    I'm not sure about this one.  Whilst I'm not particularliy worried about the size of my cheif I don't want to expose my children, their friends and my work colleagues to it in all its circumsised glory.

    Just because you are exercising doesn't mean that it's okay to show off you're jibblets. I'll wear what I like, so should you...but beware I'll poke fun at you if I can clearly see you bits and bobs.

  • ....intentionally displaying your bits and bobs.

  • Womens running tops can be really badly designed in so many ways.  I find that a lot are slightly too short so that your stomach/lower back gets cold and why are so many of them tight/close fitting?  Also those tops with sports bras built it really annoy me along with the abundance of pink and purple, image.  As for shorts in the summer I don't want capris and I don't want hot pants, what happened to a decent length of shorts?


  • Thanks everyone. I'll go look at cycling tops image 
    Whilst I'm not too worried about what others think, (and I agree, my scarecrow hair, red face, and puffing are distraction enough) I also have a little bit of dignity. I wouldn't wear leggings with a short top to do the school run. It wouldn't be fair on my little kids when their friends see an enormous VPL for the first time and have to ask "What's wrong with your mum's bum!? And where has all the daylight gone?!"
    Also, my leggings are a little bit see through because they've had to be stretched over such a vast surface area. They're otherwise 1000 denier.
    My hubby said I have a little bottom, it's just that it's stretched over huge hips.
    So, there you have it. I'm not worried about the size of my bum. I can't see it. I'm worried about the mental scarring it will leave on my kids and their friends. And I'd like to prevent anyone from trying to park their bike there.

  • The most important things are that you are out there running and that you feel comfortable. image

  • Thanks Beanie, that made me chuckle. I find if I go a size larger in bottoms than I really need they don't stretch so much.

    I have so many running tops and so few that I find comfortble to wear, good luck x
  • always trying wrote (see)
    I find if I go a size larger in bottoms than I really need they don't stretch so much.

    I was trying to find a way to say that without saying "buy a bigger size" image

  • If you have a TK Maxx near you, they quite often have one brand of sportswear (can't remember what it's called) that seems ridiculously long (to me, because I'm short), and they're pretty cheap too. Also they tend to have the Elle Sport ones; the t-shirts are often quite big.

    I also find women's sports tops get longer in bigger sizes, so if you get a size bigger than you want you might get another inch or two.

    And Elizabeth: I like tight-fitting sports clothes so they don't flap around, but I do have mid-thigh length shorts - you can get them in the tight, leggings-style ones. Nike have some plain ones that have a back pocket in their dri-fit range.

  • I wear Nike miler tops and they are a decent length. They come in long and short sleeve versions so ideal all year round, try to find a Nike shop or Nike outlet shop or go outdoors store to try them on,

  • Whether people can see your bum or if you try and hide it beneath huge clothes thus making your profile look big, people will still conciously or subconciously think "oh look, a fat person". You can't change your body shape with clothes.

    Wearing long clothes doesn't hide anything!


     Get over it! image

  • Ah yes, but if the lady in the picture had chosen an ankle-length dress rather than mid-calf, it would be hiding her unfortunate sock choice.

  • lardarse - you really have it in for me!!! image
    I would never give birth to a baby in breech on a public bench. Anyway, the midwife seems to have missed cathcing the shoulder presenting baby.
    I have enjoyed my day off running today but worried that tomorrow is going to be too trecherous to go out. 

  • oh my god that picture is extremely scary! image

    Beanie, you could try mens running tops, sometimes they are longer and of course not as fitted.

    or just run in any old long t-shirt, doesnt have to be a technical running top.

  • I have not laughed so hard for a long time. That website is so offensive, it's hilarious. I feel really thin now. Thanks Lardarse.image

  • I'm bloody glad I lost 5 and a half stone last year....

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Though not strictly a shirt. This would at least cover things up so not drawing attention to yourself.



  • ROFL in my wedding dress

  • And with a small posie in hand, people might wonder who I've jilted. 

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