Starting running - no apps/C25K?

Hi, hope this is in the right place. I'm looking for advice on how to build up to a continuous mile of running (and then hopefully further) without using any podcasts or apps.


I started running last year, using the C25K podcasts, but after a couple of weeks started making excuses ("I'll go tomorrow...) and eventually stopped. I enjoyed the running, I just didn't enjoy the program. I found having to wear headphones really irritating (couldn't keep track of the dog without constantly stopping etc.,) as well as the music and such. I also felt a little like I was trying to achieve a goal that was given to me, rather than one I'd chosen.


I don't have a smart phone so fitness apps and such are also out.


I do have access to a private field with a 150 yard marker, on an incline/decline. I went out there yesterday and managed to run for all of 600 yards, with a 150 yard walk in the middle. At the end I thought I was going to collapse lol! I decided that trying to run up and down a hill, in the snow, in combat boots wasn't a great idea  (spur of the moment thing when walking the dog).


I went back out today in trail shoes and cut the distances in half, so running 150 yards, then walking, then running... I managed to keep this up until I'd run a full mile. I was out of breath, but only moderately so, and my legs feel tired but not aching this evening.


The problem is, because it's easier for me to work with distances than times I've no idea what would be the best way to progress. Should I try to remove the walking sections at the beginning of a session, or push myself at the end? Should I gradually reduce the walking distance on all repetitions? I'm a bit stuck!


Sorry this is such a long post, I wanted to make sure I gave enough info. Hope somebody can help. image


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    You can safely disregard apps and pod casts etc.

    Just keep going out. Doesn't really matter what you do as long as you don't hurt yourself.

    Progress will follow naturally. If you go from 10 minutes of exercise to 15 mins of exercise. That is progress.

    Early days of training. Frequency and duration the aim. The content of that training isn't an issue at this stage.

    But to start with mix walking and jogging/running.

    Its really quite simple. Go out, keep going. Do what you want to do.

    In fact you are already doing the correct thing.

  • There are really simple C25K plans which you can just print out (e.g. one at that should give you an indication of progression. Basically they're suggesting you should go out and run/walk for 20-30 miutes, three times a week, gradually increasing the length of time/distance for which you're running.

    But really as RicF says, just go out and run/walk like you've already started, and increase gradually as you feel able to do so. Good luck, and enjoy!

  • What they said ^.

    Run as far as you can, then walk for a bit.  Repeat.  

    You say it's easier to work with distances than times - why do you find that?  Just run - don't worry about the distance (at the moment).

  • Thanks for the advice all image I think it took me around half an hour to walk/run two miles, so I'll keep on with what I'm doing and just increase the running bits as I feel fitter. At least I'm in the same sort of time frames as the C25K type plans!


    Wilkie- It's mostly a practical thing. I don't have a watch or timer, just a clock on my phone. So if I try to run for say, 60 seconds I end up counting them in my head. It makes me breathing more awkward as I start subconsciously breathing in time to the count, which in turn speeds me up and makes me tired faster. (At least, this is what I've noticed from the few times I've tried it). image

  • Hi, try getting a really cheap stopwatch if you can, it will help. for instance this one from tescos for less than £4 would be ideal

    training that goes by time is easier for someone just starting out, dont worry about the distance.I did intervals with a cheap stopwatch when i started out, and the numbers are easier to see than a wristwatch!
    the runners world beginners 5k schedule is all time based.


  • Thanks for the links. A simple stop watch might be a good idea. I'll try to remember to pick one up next time I get into town or do a shop, and try using it with the schedule you linked. I'm not particularly worried about distance, just easier to measure at the moment. image

    I didn't go out today as I figured it would be a good idea to have a rest day. Regretting that now as there was only a couple of inches of snow on the ground this morning. Judging by what's going on outside my window right now I'll be wading through white stuff just walking the dogon the hills tomorrow, running in it will be interesting. image

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