Anyone out there with a heart rate like mine?? i was wondering if there are any other highly strung runners who hit the 200s at the top of the Windsor hills (especailly mile 8)


  • Not even close. I think I max'd at about 172 but I started walking up the hills from about mile 9 - what a wimp.

    Sadly, I think I must have dropped my chest strap in the changing tent after the race so now I'll have to go a buy a new one. Might just have to upgrade the 'watch' bit to a newer model while I'm at it :)
  • oiyouoiyou ✭✭✭
    I have recorded up to 213 in the past, but I'm pretty sure that was just running too close to someone else with a similar HRM - easily happens during a crowded event like Windsor. The highest I've reliably recorded is 180, which is well over the usual calculation of 220-age
  • My max heart rate at Windsor was 201 - that was in my desperate attempt at a "sprint" finish in the last 200m. I've reached 207 before though. And no I'm not 13, whatever the standard formulae might tell you...

  • I have hit 202 every now and then, 195 regularly (age 30, female!), Mostly on speed intervals. My idea of speed, anyway. I don't dare try a half marathon just yet, congratulations to all who ran Windsor....
  • Thanks for making me feel a lot better. I thought id been supplied with the heart of a very small animal at birth!!
    I have to say though there is something slightly weird about liking how I feel when im close to 200.
    Happy Running
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